As the most cost-effective hydraulic motor manufacturer, these four points allow customers to rest assured of their products!


Today, with the gradual development of electronic equipment, people are gradually realizing the importance of mechanization, and all aspects of life are turning to intelligent mechanization, not only a trend of a country, but a trend of all mankind, then since mechanization is mentioned, it must be Let's not talk about the large mechanized factories.

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, which focuses on hydraulic motors, is also constantly advancing with the times. From a small factory at the beginning to now operating for more than 15 years, it has carried out as many as 1025 with 403 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and other continents. The major hydraulic motor factory that Xiang cooperates cannot do without the careful management of the creator Mr. Han. And the following points are really four points that Mr. Han can make HANJIU TECHNOLOGY enduring for a long time:


Point 1: As a mechanized equipment industry, Mr. Han has repeatedly emphasized the need to keep pace with the times and better keep up with the needs of the times and policies. For the forms and policies of various countries, Mr. Han will actively explore and extract Useful information to promote your own industry sales. The second requirement of keeping pace with the times is to always understand the needs of customers. Mr. Han will regularly visit or consult customers for product opinions and whether there are other product requirements. Every time the consultation is over, we will let people one by one. Record, and propose and communicate the design in the next R&D.

Point 2: The most important thing for a company is to maintain its customers. The customer, as a god, is vital to every company. Therefore, Mr. Han will make special details about the after-sales service, and the resources of the after-sales service are also provided. Rich, so that every consumer does not have to worry about after-sales problems, so that they can buy and use with peace of mind. In addition to after-sales issues, Mr. Han also cares about customer satisfaction. Satisfaction survey questionnaires are issued every quarter, and gifts are provided to customers who provide helpful comments. This has achieved the effect of motivating answering questions and getting the most authentic Questionnaire.

Point 3, for its product classification details, just ordinary hydraulic motors, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has disc valve hydraulic motors, cycloid hydraulic motors, orbital hydraulic motors, slide valve hydraulic motors, torqmotor hydraulic motors, etc. To adapt to different customer groups, the sales staff of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY will recommend different types of parts according to the different uses provided by different customer groups. For example, disc valve hydraulic motors are more suitable for mechanical operations with lower chassis than pulley hydraulic motors. , It is the role of metallurgical machinery. Because of the detailed classification, most customers can buy the most suitable parts and get the best use effect.

Point 4: Mr. Han is very good at formulating the employee welfare system. Mr. Han treats every employee as a member of his family. He is very good for team building and various aspects of welfare. The main experience is in food, clothing, housing and transportation and year-end rewards. The staff dormitories equipped for employees are to find better communities, and the environment and so on have been inspected, and the ingredients in the staff canteens are mainly fresh and delicious, and the hygiene level will be inspected from time to time to ensure Food safety for employees. Moreover, every employee will be invested with love and protection to ensure that employees can get good subsidies. Because of the reduction of employees' worries, they can better engage in work, resulting in a lower defect rate of produced parts.

It is these four points that enable HANJIU TECHNOLOGY to become the most cost-effective hydraulic motor manufacturer!Welcom to!


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