Bank Account Security Reminder


Dear Customer,

Recently, by Asia side, some customers were told that their company's bank account has been changed, ask customers to transfer money to a new bank account, this situation should be careful, it is likely a Internet Cheater.

Some companies' mailboxes and passwords are often stolen by cheaters, and the cheaters will chat with customers via email or online tools to tell company's bank account has changed so that you can transfer money to the new account. Please do not believe, In most cases this is a fraud, please be careful.

Dear customer, for the purpose of your financial security and our good partnership, Hanjiu Hydraulic warmly remind that If you met this situation please check with your suppliers or partners through the following ways:

1. Phone Confirmation
2. Ask your suppliers to show the new bank information to their official website

Finally, If our account will really change, we will inform you via the above 2 ways, please not it.

Thank you.


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