Hydraulic motor Usage Guide


In order to make the motors working in optimal situation, we recommend the following:

1.Oil temperature :normal 20℃~60℃ upper limit 90℃(no more than one hour).

2.Filtering and oil cleanliness :a return filter should be installed in the system with a fineness in the range of 10~30µm and a piece of magnet should be installed at the bottom of the tank to prevent grits into the system. The max solid contamination grade of the oil is no more than 19/16.

3.Viscosity: 42~74 mm2 /s at 40℃ of oil temperature ,according to the condition to choose an applicable hydraulic oil.

4.The motors can be operated in parallel or in series. When the pressure of the back exceeds 2MPa,it is necessary to install an external drain line to the tank.

5.1 For BMM and BMP and BMR series motors,the type of output shaft may be chosen in demand.

5.1.1 The output shaft permits a radial force with the radial bearing.
5.1.2 The output shaft doesn' t permit the radial force without the radial bearing.When the radial force acts on the shaft,the force must be discharged.

5.2.For BMS、BMSY、BMT and BMV series motors, the output shaft permit high axial and radial forces.

6.The optimal operation situation should be at the 1/3~2/3 of the rated operation situation.

7.In order to obtain a longer life of operating motor should operate motors at first for one hour under 30% of rated pressure. In any case, be sure to fill up with hydraulic oil inside motor before increasing load.


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