BMR OMR / Geroler Hydraulic motor BMR OMR Anatomy and explanation


How to choose the right Hydraulic orbit motors BMR OMR / Geroler motor BMR OMR and some things you should pay attention to when choosing a motor

Due to its simple design and compact size, Geroler Motor BMR is very suitable for mobile equipment applications, especially agriculture, material handling and construction.

When choosing a Geroler motor BMR, many factors must be considered, such as performance, quality, reliability, added value, and finally cost. As new entrants flood the market, 

it is clear that not all manufacturers are perfect. Choosing the wrong option can cause you to pay a high price and embark on a path of frustration.

Before you choose a motor, let us discuss the crucial first step: how to determine the displacement volume of the motor. A simple, fast and intuitive way is to measure the height of the stator and rotor

Displacement (how much liquid is needed for one revolution) is determined by the height of the stator and rotor, the higher the height, the greater the displacement. Displacement determines the 

speed and torque that your equipment can achieve.

The BMR stator and rotor of Geroler motor are composed of Ring, Star, and roller. They are made of alloy materials. The higher the hardness, the more wear-resistant the longer the use time. 

The surface finish is also very important. The smooth surface can help reduce the friction and wear of the stator and rotor. The distance between the roller and the star is as small as possible. 

The smallest distance invisible to the naked eye is the best, which can ensure flexible movement, low shock and vibration during work, low noise and low pressure loss, and ensure that the Geroler motor 

is owned The controlled parameters (speed, pressure, flow, torque) are stable and maintain good performance.

If you need help in determining motor displacement, or motor selection and maintenance, please contact our team. 

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