Brake Hydraulic Motor BMR/OMR

Brake Hydraulic Motor BMR/OMR For Cranes Excavators Mining Equipment

Brake Hydraulic Motor BMR/OMR

Used in Hydraulic breaking system, How this motor work?

When the solenoid valve is energized, the pressure oil can enter the brake cylinder only after passing through the main orifice of the relief valve or the damping hole on the valve body, so the brake can be slowly opened. When the solenoid valve is de-energized, the oil in the brake cylinder is directly connected to the tank via the reversing valve, so that the motor can be quickly braked.

Type Geometric displacement (cm3 /rev.)  

Max. speed


Max. torque


Max. output


Max. pressure 


Max. flow


Weight (kg)




102 rated 478 205 10.3 14 50 11.9
cont. 497 254 13.2 17.5 52
int. 574 200 12 20 60

* Continuous pressure:Max. value of operating motor continuously. 
* Intermittent pressure :Max. value of operating motor in 6 seconds per minute. 
* Peak pressure:Max. value of operating motor in 0.6 second per minute.


The motor is widely used in cranes, excavators, road sweepers, plastic machinery, petroleum machinery, mining machinery, coal mining equipment, steel rolling, fishery machinery, agricultural machinery, etc..


◆Structural features
·End-distribution type cycloidal hydraulic motor
·Advanced column-mounted stator and rotor parameters design, low starting pressure, high efficiency, low speed operation
Advanced shaft seal design, high back pressure capacity
· Advanced and reliable linkage shaft design, so that the motor has a long life
Advanced design of flow distribution mechanism, featuring high precision of dispensing and automatic wear compensation
· Motors are allowed to be connected in series and in parallel, and external drain pipes should be connected when used in series.
·Tailored roller bearing support design, with a large radial load capacity, allowing the motor to directly drive the working mechanism
·A variety of flange, output shaft, oil port, etc.
◆Main performance parameters

Intermittent pressure refers to the maximum allowable pressure inlet, continuous operating pressure refers to the working pressure difference.
• Do not use the motor at maximum speed and pressure F at the same time.
• Under intermittent operating conditions, the motor must not run more than 10% per minute.
· Recommended oil: anti-wear hydraulic oil, viscosity 37 ~ 73cSt, oil cleanliness ISO18/13.
· The maximum working oil temperature is 80°C.
·This series of motors adopts a special imported shaft seal assembly, the maximum allowable back pressure of the motor can reach 7MPa, but in order to obtain a good life and comprehensive mechanical properties, it is recommended to use a back pressure not exceeding 5MPa, and it is recommended to connect an external drain tube when exceeding. External leakage pipe

At this time, it should be ensured that the motor can always be filled with oil. In addition to maintaining a low back pressure, the external drain pipe can also remove the wear and tear generated in the motor and generate a certain cooling effect.
• There should be a run-in period before the motor is fully loaded. It is recommended that the motor be run for 1 hour at 30% of the maximum working pressure.


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