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If you want to know what a directional control valve is, you need to understand hydraulic valves firstly. It is used to control the flow direction of the oil in the hydraulic system or adjust its flow and pressure, the directional control valve as a kind of hydraulic valve, the use of the replacement of the flow channel to control the flow direction of the oil. The types of directional control valves include check valves, hydraulic control check valves, directional valves, stroke reduction valves, liquid-filled valves, shuttle valves, etc.

This article will teach you how to choose a suitable directional valve, if you have related needs, please read it patiently.

First of all, you should determine your working requirements of the pneumatic automation system, and determine the performance of the required valve according to this, including the low working pressure, low control pressure, response time, air tightness, life and reliability of the directional control valve. If the gas cylinder uses inert gas as the working medium, the air tightness requirements of the entire system are very strict. Our production plant has many precision machine tools that can produce valves of high standards. And our directional control valve will undergo a series of strict quality tests at the factory to ensure that there will be no leakage between the ports during the commutation process.

The installation method of the valve should be selected according to the actual situation. From the perspective of installation and maintenance, plate connection is the best choice. In addition, the ISO5599.1 standard is also a board connection. Therefore, it is best to use the plate installation method, especially for centrally controlled pneumatic control systems. In addition, the tubular installation valve occupies a small space and is widely used as the quality and reliability of the overall components in the market continue to improve. If you really don't know how to choose, please contact our customer service, provide your specific use needs, Several of our technical experts will select the most suitable equipment for you and assist you in completing your purchase quickly.

We are hanjiu, a young innovational manufacturer. We were founded in Shijiazhuang in 2011 by Mr.Han, who is a professional engineer and has been working more than 15years on the hydraulic and automatic fields. During the developing of 10 years, our brand is becoming one of the worldwide hydraulic brands with the widest range and depth of hydraulic products in the market. All our directional control valves are produced in accordance with genuine parts, drawings. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing, please choose us with confidence.

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