Hydraulic Joystick Control Valve


One type of hydraulic valve is a hydraulic joystick control valve,

the main function is to make two valve spools’ movements together.

This joystick control valve is manufactured for operating a double-acting cylinder.

The common types are 2-way, 5-way, 6-way, 7-way hydraulic valves, with one or two joysticks. Mainly used in tractor loaders, excavators, forestry machinery and other equipment.

For example: a hydraulic valve 2 spool hydraulic joystick control valve.The adjustable release valve and durable cast iron body are easy to use. All spools are standard double-acting, with spring return in the neutral position.Used for small tractors, tractor loaders, log separators and other mobile equipment.

During the usage, we should pay attention on the oil leakage of joystick control valves.

The oil leakage of the joystick hydraulic control valve is mainly in four parts:

One is the leakage of oil at the joint surface of the hydraulic joystick control valve itself and the seal of the bolt hole;

The second is oil leakage at the stem and valve sleeve of the hydraulic joystick control valve;

The third is the leakage of the quick-change joint installed on the joystick control valves, and the oil leakage at the gasket of the joint surface of the quick-change joint and the hydraulic joystick control valve;

Fourth, oil leaks at the gaskets of the joint installation surface of the hydraulic joystick control valve and the oil inlet and outlet pipes.

Knowing the cause of the oil leakage, you will have the correct way to repair the joystick hydraulic control valve.


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