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Among the many hydraulic valves, electromagnetic directional valve is also one of our commonly used hydraulic components, electromagnetic directional valve is relying on the closed cavity, open through holes in different positions, each hole is connected to different oil pipes, by controlling the movement of the valve body to open or close different oil discharge holes, hydraulic oil will enter different oil discharge pipes, and then through the pressure of the oil to push the piston of the cylinder, the piston in turn drives the piston rod, the piston rod drives the mechanical device, so as to complete the work. The application of solenoid directional valves is mainly in small pipelines. Among the many hydraulic brands and originals in the market, how to choose the right hydraulic electromagnetic reversing valve, is a headache for many friends, the following by Hanjiu Technology for you from the control mode, hydraulic pressure and flow, valve core function, reversing accuracy and smoothness and starting stability 5 aspects to introduce you.

The control mode can choose electromagnetic or manual control methods according to its own operation convenience and system automation level; In terms of pressure and flow, in order to avoid abnormal operation, the working pressure and flow rate of the system should be less than the rated working pressure and flow rate of the valve. The back pressure at the oil outlet T must not exceed its maximum allowable value, otherwise it will cause electromagnetic conversion steering difficulties. The flow rate is also a thing to pay attention to, on the one hand, in the working system, due to the small rated flow rate of the electromagnetic directional valve, the electro-hydraulic directional valve should be selected for replacement when its rated flow rate is exceeded; The performance of the valve core should also be noted, because the different reversing functions of the hydraulic solenoid reversing valve are achieved by the design of different spools, so the correct spool performance should be used according to the working requirements of the hydraulic system; When the working A port and B port are blocked, it is easy to produce hydraulic shock, but the accuracy of commutation will be relatively high. If port A and port B have a port to communicate with the process of commutation, the actuator should not brake, but the impact on the hydraulic pressure is small; The smoothness of starting is also a part we need to consider, different median function of the hydraulic electromagnetic reversing valve starting performance is different, if a cavity of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to the oil tank, because there is no hydraulic oil to buffer when starting, it is easy to lead to unstable starting.

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