Hydraulic motor often used in the failure and solutions


Hydraulic motor often used in the failure and solutions:

1. Motor oil leakage

(1) shaft end of the oil: the use of the motor in the daily time of the oil seal and the output shaft in the non-stop friction, the inevitable result of the oil seal and the shaft contact Surface wear, more than a certain limit will make the seal loss of sealing effect, leading to oil spills. Need to change the oil seal at this moment, if the output shaft is worn seriously, need to change the output shaft at the same time.

(2) Oil leakage at the cap: The "O" ring under the cap is crushed or aged and lose the sealing effect, which is very low. If only the "O" ring needs to be replaced.

(3) Motor oil leakage: the case of the O-ring located between the motor housing and the front side plate, or between the front side plate and the stator body, or between the stator body and the rear side plate is aged or crushed. If it occurs In this case, simply replace the "O" ring.

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