Hydraulic orbit motors for harvester equipments


Hydraulic motors have a wide range of applications, especially in agricultural machinery, especially harvesting equipment, such as large harvesters, self-propelled harvesters, tomato harvesters,sugarcane harvesters....

Hanjiu Technology  is a factory specializing in the production of hydraulic orbit motors in China. Through research and study of the manufacture and production of brand hydraulic motors, it has created its own high-quality brand---Hanjiu hydraulic motors.

Hanjiu hydraulic drive motors have many varieties and models, ranging from small displacement motors to large low-speed high-torque motors, suitable for various brands of harvesters.

The motor of Hanjiu brand has strong structure and long service life. It is well matched with the hydraulic system of the harvester to improve the service life of the harvester;
Good low-speed stability, matched with high-pressure shaft seals, to improve the mechanical performance of the harvester;
Fast and stable delivery, direct transportation from the production plant, shortening the product turnover link;
Good after-sale service, 100% compensation in case of quality defect products;
Sign a product customization protection agreement, as the manufacturer's only brand product, OEM model custom nameplate...

Hanjiu Hydraulic Motor is the best partner for harvester manufacturers!


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