Hydraulic Orbital Motor


Through long-term operation, the hydraulic products of Hanjiu Technology have been widely promoted. Among the products sold, there are also some very popular series, such as our 7 kinds of motors (MM, MP, MR, MH, MS, MT , MV, BMER,2K,4K,6K,10K), each of which has become a star product by virtue of its own advantages over other brands. The BMS motor to be mentioned today is the Hydraulic Orbital Motor which is biased towards winches, cranes, drilling rigs, etc.

BMS Rail Hydraulic Motor with Disc Valve BM Hydraulic Motor is a high torque low speed hydraulic motor with high efficiency and long life. BM motor has a wide range of speed regulation, high starting torque, stable high-speed rotation, small size, light weight, and can be directly connected to working machinery, suitable for various low-speed heavy-duty equipment. It means that if there is a problem with the hydraulic motor of this type of equipment, it can be purchased and replaced directly according to the original specification model. Hydraulic motors are not only good in performance, but also have a long service life, which depends on the good raw materials used in the production of Hydraulic Orbital Motors in Hanjiu's factory. The factory area of ​​Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 7000 square meters. If you want to visit Hanjiu's factory and have free time, you can directly make an appointment to visit for on-site understanding. We are very happy.

As a professional manufacturer of B M series cycloid hydraulic motor and BZZ steering gear, our products can replace Danfoss, Eaton, M + S series models. It can be said that as long as you have demand, we have the ability to produce. At present, our product line has 4 kinds of steering devices (BZZ, 060 series, 101 series, 102 series) from 12cc to 500cc, 500cc to 1000cc, from 50cc to 500cc, 500cc to 1000cc, speed from 100RPM to 1000RPM, working pressure from 9MPa to 30MPa, torque from 75N*M to 3000N*M, looking forward to working with you.

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