Hydraulic Steering Units 10 Series


Hydraulic Steering Unit 10 series is integral hydraulic steering unit, the valve body of rotary valve is integral structure, then the steering unit can integrate with cartridge valve, such as the pressure control valve 

of the integral system. 

Hydraulic Steering Unit 10 series is widely used in the steering control system of different kinds of engineering vehicles, such as the steering system of many kinds of industrial and agricultural mobile machinery forklift, loader, road roller, tractor, combine harvester, and the ship helm etc. The steering unit can control the steering cylinder with 

bigger resistance force by inputting minor force; It’s easier , flexible and reliable; The integral check valve can prevent the system pressure oil from anti-vibration , and prevent from “hit-hand” during the steering operation; Integral pressure control valve can control the operation pressure and the shock pressure of the steering system. 

The mounting dimensions of Hydraulic Steering Unit 10 series are consistent with the international standard. According to the structure of gerotor set, Hydraulic Steering Unit 10 series can be divided into 2 series: 6/7 teeth structure steering unit and 4/5 teeth structure steering unit. 

Hydraulic steering unit with 6/7 teeth structure: according to the size, this series may be divided into 101,102,103 series ( among these series, the mounting dimension of 102 series is consistent with that of BZZ series; ) Hydraulic steering unit with 4/5 teeth structure: it’s defined as 109 series; according to special requirement of special customers, then we develop 119 and 129 series on the base of 109 series. 

10 series SCU integrate inlet check Valve;Each series may be divided into 2 series acording to the steering unit integrating cartridge calve or not, SCU without valve and SCU with S,SCU without valve doesn't integrate pressure valve,SCU with s integrates pressure valve As for open center non reaction steering unit,"1" represents the SCU with 

relief valve and shock valves,"4"represents the SCU with relief valve. Please consult P13 for the introduction of 101 series,102 and 103 series, while P47 for 109 series.



Function Code


101-1,2,3 Series Hydraulic Steering Control Units (SCU)

Main Specification

Parameters Type 101-*-***-*
Function Code 1,2,3 1,3
Displacement(mL/r) 50 63 80 100 125 160 200 250 280 315 400
Rated flow (L/min) 5 6 8 10 12.5 16 20 25 28 31.5 40
Max. input pressure (MPa) 17.5
Max. cont. back pressure (MPa) 2.5
Weight (kg) 5.7 5.76 5.84 5.91 6.05 6.25 6.45 6.68 6.86


Dimension L (mm) 130 132 134 137 140 145 150 156 161 166 176



Mounting Data


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