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According to the amount of control, directional control valves can be divided into single-control type and dual-control type. Single control type means that when the control signal disappears, one working position of the valve is obtained by the control signal, and the other working position is obtained by other forces (called reset mode). For example, the return of a spring force is called a spring return; Air pressure reset is called air pressure reset; The return of spring force and air pressure is called a hybrid return. Hybrid reset reduces the diameter of the spool reset piston. The greater the reset force, the more reliable the valve reversing and the more stable the work. Dual control means that the valve has two control signals, and the two-position valve adopts dual control. When one control signal disappears and the other control signal is not added, the original valve position can remain unchanged, and the valve has a memory function. For three-position valves, each control signal controls one valve position. When neither control signal is present, the spool is in the neutral position by spring force and/or air pressure. 

There are many types of directional control valves on the market, and at the same time they are of varying quality. If you buy a directional control valve produced by an unreliable company, you may face a series of problems such as poor product quality, high price, and insufficient after-sales service. If you haven't found a trustworthy company yet, then choose us Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. Our company has an excellent reputation, producing at least 500,000 sets of directional single valves per year, despite the huge quantity, we still guarantee that the valves will undergo strict inspection, fully automatic and intensive production can ensure that all products have the same product quality, and then these high quality products will be sold all over the world at very competitive prices.  The reversing integral valves produced by Hanjiu Technology are inexpensive and cost-effective, and are trusted by manufacturers around the world. Among them, P40 - hydraulic directional integral valve is innovatively developed by Hanjiu Technology on the basis of the original products. The valve is a check valve that stops oil from flowing backwards. The hydraulic directional valve is widely used in the hydraulic system of forklifts, sanitation trucks, small loaders and other construction machinery. In hydraulic cylinders, check valves may seem like small parts, but this small part plays a big role. Therefore, choosing a high-quality check valve is extremely important for the manufacturer. Therefore, our highly guaranteed product quality Hanjiu is your best choice. 

In addition to reliable quality, Hanjiu Technology also has an independent R&D department. Ten years of experience has also made our R&D team more mature, able to skillfully and professionally solve various hydraulic solution problems. If you have any confusion about hydraulic components, you can go to the official website Consultation, our 24-hour professional staff will answer your questions online.

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