OMVW/BMVW 630HD Danfoss Hydraulic Motor Harvester Head Spare Parts 151B3158

BMV series motor adapt the advanced Geroler gear set designed with disc distribution
flow and high pressure.The unit can be supplied the individual variant in operating
multifunction in accordance with requirement of applications.
Characteristic features:
* Advanced manufacturing devices for the Geroler gear set,which use low pressure of startup, provide smooth and reliable operation and high efficiency.
* The output shaft adapts in tapered roller bearings that permit high axial and radial forces.
The case can offer capacities of high pressure and high torque in the wide of applications.
* Advanced design in disc distrbution flow, which can automatically compensate in operating
with high volume efficiency and long life, provide smooth and reliable operation.


Manufacturer: HANJIU
Country of origin: CHINA
Condition: NEW packaging
Materialnumber: 151B3158
Modelcode: BMVW
Motorseries: O-Series
Displacement: 630
Mounting Flange: wheel flange
Mounting Thread Dimension:φ60mm
Shaft Style: tapered shaft
Shaft Size: 1-10
Shaft Key: B16 X10X32 mm (DIN 6885)
Port Size: Side port
Port Dimension: G 1
Drain Port Style: Standard
Drain port Dimension: G 1/4
Brake Release Port: None
Brake Release Port Dimension: None
Painted: BLACK
Special Features External 1: None
Special Features External 2: None
Special features External 3: None
Dust Seal: Standard
Shaft Seal: NBR - Standard
Front bearing: Tapered roller bearing
Rear bearing: Tapered roller bearing
Gear wheel set: Standard
Check valve: Yes
Valve function: None
Special Features Internal 1: None
Special Features Internal 2: None
Packaging: Single pack
Option Type: Standard


HANJIU Motor BMVW inerchange OMVW 630 HD 151B3158 Rotor

The hydraulic motor is used as the hydraulic motor for the traction roller on the
Waratah (John Deere) 758HD and HTH470HD harvester heads.

The working volume is 630 cc/rev, and the working pressure is 200 bar.
Waratah (John Deere) order codes F034495, F069034.

A similar product is the MVW630KLLHD hydraulic motor manufactured by M+S.


Main Specification:

Type Geometric displacement (cm3 /rev.)   Max. speed (rpm) Max. torque (N•m) Max. output (kW) Max. pressure drop (MPa) Max. flow (L/min) Weight (kg)
666 cont. 320 1660 40.0 18 200 34.9
int. 380 1940 56.0 21 240
peak -- 2210 -- 24 --


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