P40 hydraulic valve


Directional control valves are one of the core elements in a hydraulic system. P40 valve is designed for distribution and control of work flow between generator (pump) and executive mechanisms (cylinder, hydraulic motors, etc.)

P40 hydraulic valve is developed based on Europe technology.It is manufactured with 1 to 7 spools,or levers or ways or banks. According to the control ways, it can be classifed to  Manual control, pneumatic control, hydraulic and electric control for optional.

The normal type P40 monoblock valve has three positions double acting ,with spring or detent control

The body of P40 hydraulic valve is made of cast iron EN-GJL300. Plungers are made of carburized steel with hard chrome plating.

The P40 spool valve has adjustable relief valve and machined for carryover plug,which also called power beyond plug.


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