P40 valve 1P40

The hydraulic distributor P40 is used for switching on/off and directing the working fluid between head flow gernerators(hydraulic pumps), head flow consumers(hydraulic cylinders,motors,etc) and the tank. It is manufactured with up to 6 spools.

1P40 Hydraulic Monoblock Valve

   Product Description:

Monoblock hydraulic control valve with joystick has small and compact design for tight installations.
High-tensile strength cast iron monoblock construction.
Precision ground and hard chrome-plated spools assure a long life.
Vertical or horizontal handle mount.
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This Hydraulic Joystick Control Valve can be used on Loaders, special vehicles, truck mounted crane, wrecker, scrubbing machine and dynamic compactor and can effectively control such actuating mechanisms like motor and oil cylinder.
We have variety of Hydraulic Monoblock valves available, 40 liters, 45 liters, 50 liters, 60 liters, 80 liters.

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