RD Directional Control Valve


RD series is a Middle-high pressure monoblock valve,it can be divided into RD5100,RD5200,RD5300 three models,using foreign advanced technology,


1. It can be set on the valve body overflow valve,one-way valve. The one-way valve effectively prevents the backflow of oil, and the relief valve can adjust the pressure.

2. It can be arbitrarily customized according to the requirements of customers ,to realize operate in different directions by choosing the installation modes.

3.Oil lines can be parallel or series.

4.Tight sealing and stable performance.

5.Available manual,pneumatic control,electric and pneumatic control,hydraulic and electric control and etc.

6.This product s widely used in smallloaders,forklifts,sanitation vehicles and other construction machinery hydraulic system.




Nominal flow rate 100 L/min 26.2 US GPM
Max pressure 315 bar 4568 psi
operating range 15~75 mm2/s 15~75 cst
Viscosity min 12 mm²/s 12 cst
max 400 mm²/s 400 cst
Ambient temperature range -40°~80°℃ -40°~176°F
Kick out set pressure   70-140bar 1015-2030 psi




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