Removal and installation of orbit hydraulic motor


Because the cycloid hydraulic motor is small in size and widely used, it is used in many devices.Because the hydraulic motor will cause failure after long-term use, and it needs to be repaired if there is a fault. What problems should the manufacturer pay attention to when performing maintenance, repair and disassembly?

   1. Do not touch the joint surface when the cycloid hydraulic motor is disassembled.If there is a bruise, it needs to be trimmed before assembly.

2. Before using the assembly, pay attention to cleaning all parts with gasoline or kerosene. Do not use cotton yarn or rag to scrub the parts. Use a brush or silk cloth. Be careful not to immerse the rubber ring in the gasoline. After the motor is installed, add 50~100ml of hydraulic oil to the two ports before the installation, and rotate the output oil. If there is no abnormality, install the machine.

3. In order to ensure the correct direction of rotation of the cycloid hydraulic motor, attention should be paid to the positional relationship between the rotor and the output shaft. The back cover bolts must be tightened diagonally, and the tightening torque is 4~5 kgf·m.

Through the above introduction, we must pay special attention when disassembling the cycloidal hydraulic motor to avoid causing more failures.

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