Te0100dw100aaab Parker Torque Motor BME2 High Speed

Parker TE0100DW100AAAB TORQ MOTOR 98CC 25.4MM KEY SHAFT BME2 high speed
BME2 series motor adapt the advanced Geroler gear set designed with high speed distribution flow and high pressure, and have good stability in low speed , and can keep high volume efficiency. The unit can be supplied the individual variant in operating multifunction in accordance with requirement of applications.

Characteristic features: 

  • Geroler gear set----Advanced manufacturing devices,using low pressure
                                   of start-up, keep reliable operation and high efficiency.
  • Output shaft---- adapt in needle roller bearings, keep high axial and radial forces, no brake
  • Advanced design---- with high speed distribution flow,keep high volume efficiency and long life
  • High pressure, no drain ports


Main Specifications:

Type Geometric displacement
(cm3 /rev.)
  Max. speed (rpm) Max. torque (N*m) Max. output (kW) Max. pressure drop (MPa) Max. flow (L/min)
101.6 cont. 439 191 7.9 14 45
int. 553 268 13.5 19 57
peak -- -- -- 20 --


1. model number BME2-100
2. displacement 100ml/r
3. flange 4-bolt square Mount
4. shaft key shaft 25.4mm
5. oil port 7/8-14 UNF
6. drain case -------
7. rotation Standard
8. paint Black
9. replace Parker TE TG TF
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