TJ Replacement Parker Gerotor Motor 4 Bolt Wheel Flange

TJ Replacement Parker Gerotor Motor 4 Bolt Wheel Flange

Parker Motors, TJ replacement, 4 bolt Wheel-flange, Port G1/2, Cylindrical Shaft Ø32

This is a Parker TJ aftermarket motor. it's not made by Parker, it's made by Hanjiu from China, which is our specialty.



   Type BMJ
Geometric displacement (cm3 /rev.) 287.8
Max. speed (rpm) cont. 196
int. 254
Max. torque (N•m) cont. 393
int. 547
Max. output (kW) cont. 8.7
int. 15.6
Max. pressure drop (MPa) cont. 10
int. 14.5
peak 17
Max. flow (L/min) cont. 57
int. 75



  • Displacement : 295 ml/r
  • Flange,Pilot
  • Ports : 4-Ø13.5 Wheel-flange,Pilot Ø82.55×7,Port G1/2
  • Output Shaft : Cylindrical Shaft Ø32,Parallel key 10×8×45
  • Rotation Direction : Clockwise


Our motors are 100% compatible with Parker. We all have motors that can be matched with them, with the same quality, complete models and fast delivery. It can meet the demand for Parker motors of older models, increase competitiveness, reduce costs, increase turnover, and improve your prestige position in the market.

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