Two Speed Motor

Patented design, completely mastering the key technologies of the motor;

Unique design, low starting pressure of motor, small pressure impact when switching between high and low speed, and superior performance to similar products of competitors;

Optimize the motor parameters, which is more suitable for the slow travel of vehicles;


The motor can realize high and low speed conversion, and the high/low speed ratio is 2:1;

Different control valves can be added at the rear end of the motor as required;

All functional valves are integrated into the valve body at the rear end of the motor, without external placement!


The professional crawler motor is completely installed in the crawler to improve the passing performance of the machine;

There is enough space to install the motor protective cover;

Professional dust seal – floating oil seal can be installed.

The machine is more beautiful and practical!


Multiple displacement options, suitable for different models

displacement(cc) model(T)
310  0.8~1 
350  1~1.5 
390  1.5 
440  1.5 
490 1.5~1.8 
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