What does the Russia-Ukraine conflict bring to the hydraulics market?


Today, Russia and Ukraine are still "fighting and talking". The conflict between the two sides has alarmed the global financial market and affected the global supply chain. No one knows how long this war will last. The smoke of gunpowder ignited, and the capital market made waves. At the same time, the hydraulic market, which we are more concerned about, will also have a corresponding chain reaction.

Russia's purchase of hydraulic products from China increases

The Western world has imposed sanctions on Russia and has begun to stop supplying manufacturing equipment. Anyone who knows a little about hydraulics knows that there are too many places where hydraulic products need to be used. Agriculture, mining machinery, metallurgy, machine tools, automobiles, etc. can all find traces of hydraulic products. Even in wartime and after the war, the people of the country also need to produce and rebuild. The rebuilding of houses, road maintenance, land replanting, factory reopening and other activities that are waiting to be done all require the use of hydraulic motor, Hydraulic Control Valve, Torqmotor and other products.

As the "granary of Europe", Ukraine owns a quarter of the world's black land, and Russia is one of the world's largest grain exporters. It is spring ploughing now, but a lot of land has been idle and abandoned due to the war. If we want to resume production, machinery such as seeders, harvesters, and grain conveyors are also very needed, which is related to our hydraulic products.

If the West continues to block Russia, China may become Russia's largest supplier of hydraulic products. On March 22, the chairman of the Russian-Asian Federation of Industrial Enterprises, Mankevich, said in an interview that Western manufacturing companies withdrew from Russia, and key industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture in Russia were affected by supply shortages, and Russia increased cooperation with Chinese companies. Guarantee the stability of their own supply chains by purchasing Chinese equipment. Russia needs to purchase hydraulics. China relies on its price and quality advantages, coupled with the current relationship between the two countries, and China took the lead in resuming production activities during this epidemic. It has a complete supply chain. Russia has demand for Chinese hydraulic products. Improvement is very possible.

The products of Chinese hydraulic enterprises are very high in terms of performance and cost performance. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will rewrite the history of Russia's preference for Western hydraulic equipment, and thus turn to more cooperation with Chinese hydraulic enterprises.

In a critical period in Russia, we can see that money may not necessarily buy things, and people will not sell them to you. Manufacturing is the industrial foundation of a country, and China's manufacturing exports are very strong in the year of the epidemic, not only because we took the lead in recovering, but also because our quality and reputation are very good.

The United States, China, Japan, Germany, and France are the top five countries in global hydraulic sales, of which sales in the United States accounted for 38% and sales in China accounted for 30.2%. Today, the hydraulic market will continue to expand. HANJIU Technology is a part of Made in China, and has always been adhering to the high quality and low price in the production of hydraulic products. We have sufficient production experience, strict quality control, reasonable price, and cutting-edge technology research and development are the reasons for you to choose us.

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