1P81 Hydraulic Log Splitter Control Valve


1P81 now available from Hanjiu


Hydraulic Log Splitter Control Valve w/ Return Stroke Detent, 21 GPM


Hydraulic Log Splitter control valve for operating hydraulic cylinders. Pressure operated detent on return stroke, spring center on extend for use with log splitters or other auto detent applications. Pressure-release detent adjustable from 1,015 to 2,030 PSI.


Optional Rapid Extend Mode available (manually actuated), detent locks to rear position for high speed mode


Open Center

Max Flow: 21 GPM

Max Pressure: 3625 PSI

Working Ports A, B: 1/2” NPT

Inlet port P: 3/4” NPT

Outlet port T: 3/4” NPT

Made by Hanjiu



Rapid Extend Mode Option:

Allows a single stage pump to be used in systems currently using two stage (hi-low) pumps. When extra force is required the P81 allows the user to manually shift from high speed mode to high force mode. A “soft stop” differentiates between high force and high speed modes.

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