Under the influence of the industry-wide "price increase" tide, why can Hanjiu Technology still insist on making the most cost-effective hydraulic components?


With the rapid development of science and technology, hydraulic technology has now become an indispensable technical support in the fields of agriculture, industry, and manufacturing. The application field of hydraulic technology continues to expand, and hydraulic components have become the most important part of the parts market. Without high-quality hydraulic components, there would be no high-speed hydraulic system.

If you want to increase the operating speed of the hydraulic system, the easiest way is to choose a high-quality supplier of hydraulic components. Under the influence of the industry-wide "price increase" wave, many suppliers have also increased the prices of their products accordingly, which has virtually increased the purchase cost of consumers. Therefore, in order to control costs, many consumers turn to buy low-quality products without hydraulic components.

Purchasing inferior products is only a temporary saving. The performance of such products is unstable and may even affect the normal operation of other components of the hydraulic system. Moreover, the service life is very short, which is not worth half the service life of high-quality products, and a lot of money will be needed to invest in it in the future. On the whole, buying a high-quality hydraulic component is the most cost-effective choice.

Finding high-quality hydraulic components is easy to say, but it is very difficult to act. If you don't understand the doorway of the hydraulic market, you will be as useless as a headless fly. Find a trustworthy supplier, so you can buy and use with confidence.



If you are looking for a reliable supplier of hydraulic components, then you must not miss Hanjiu Technology. The hydraulic components produced by Hanjiu Technology have received rave reviews and become the first choice for many consumers to purchase hydraulic components. Hanjiu Technology is not only rich in product types, but also allows you to buy the most stable quality hydraulic components at an affordable price.

If you miss the Hanjiu Technology, then you will lose a trustworthy partner. In addition to the high cost performance, the hydraulic components of Hanjiu Technology have a wide range of applications. You can buy the most cost-effective hydraulic motors, hydraulic rail steering devices, and hydraulic directional valves from Hanjiu Technology. These products are all very important hydraulic components in the hydraulic system. It can be widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, and manufacturing to achieve maximum use value.

For example, the hydraulic motors produced by Hanjiu Technology have BMK, BMR, BMER, BMV, BMS, etc. series. These series of hydraulic motors have different specifications, which can meet the performance requirements of different hydraulic systems for hydraulic motors. Such as industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, you can choose hydraulic motors suitable for hydraulic winches, harvesters, hydraulic cranes, surface soil looseners, etc. according to your performance requirements.

The hydraulic directional valve has 1 spool hydraulic monoblock valve, 3 spool hydraulic integral valve, DCV60 directional valve, HSV 6-A hydraulic selective steering solenoid valve, these hydraulic directional valves are the current hydraulic market A popular and popular product in Shanghai. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural fields, such as common harvesters, planters, forestry trailers, cranes, etc. Equipped with Hanjiu technology's hydraulic reversing valve, it will surely make your hydraulic system have the smoothest reversing operation.

   Hanjiu Technology has a lot of high-quality hydraulic products in the field of hydraulic steering devices. I believe you must have heard of Hanjiu’s BZZ series and 101 series hydraulic steering devices. These two series of products can be described as hydraulic steering device industry. The most cutting-edge existence. Of course, Hanjiu Technology's hydraulic steering gear is not only the two series, it also has the 109 series, 060 series, and 112AS series, which are all very well-equipped steering devices. Whether it is a tractor or a loading truck, or a forklift or an excavator, Hanjiu's hydraulic steering device can provide a stable steering function for your hydraulic system.

If you want to know more about our products, you can go to our official website for consultation. We will use professional technology to solve the hydraulic steering problems you encounter. Hanjiu Technology is committed to creating high-quality products. Of hydraulic components, determined to become the most trustworthy supplier of hydraulic components!


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