2 spool hydraulic valve


The spool of hydraulic valve mainly has two kinds of spool valve and poppet valve, with a cylindrical shaft shoulder spool, and a cylindrical spool valve that moves axially to open or disconnect the oil circuit usually refers to the spool valve. By changing the opening of the valve port, its flow rate also changes, so that the flow rate is regulated. A valve that opens or disconnects the oil circuit by changing the gap between the poppet spool and the valve seat is called a poppet valve. The poppet valve can completely cut off the oil circuit, has little sensitivity to impurity pollution in the oil, has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture. They are all one of the main structures of hydraulic valves, and today we introduce to you a truck dump hydraulic system 2 spool valve ventilation hydraulic directional valve launched by Hanjiu Technology.

First of all, some introduction to its basic information, this is a product with a model of DCV 100 and weighing 9 kg, it is mainly used in tractors, cranes, drilling machines, loaders. Its maximum pressure can reach 315 kg/5076PSI, the control type is pneumatic, (manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic available), pneumatic control pressure in 5~10 bar, the size of the oil port can be tailored to your needs, the spool stroke can be controlled at ±5 mm. Its spools can be fitted with one to seven or even more spools depending on your needs. The flow rate can also be adjusted for 40 liters, 50 liters, 60 liters, 80 liters, 100 liters, 120 liters, 140 liters, different flow rates. Single-acting air control spring return center, cylinder spool B port is blocked in the center position, can be replaced by lasami sausage and prince hydraulic valves. The entrance and exit of this valve are on the side, the pressure can be adjusted at any time according to your needs, and the main embossed 2000PSI group. In order to make you have a good shopping experience, to ensure quality product performance, we provide you with a one-year warranty commitment, at the same time you can carry out a simple valve assembly and test, if there is a problem can contact us in time, we will provide you with repair or exchange service.

Are you curious about the company behind making such an excellent product here? Then let me introduce you to Hanjiu Technology. Hanjiu Technology was established in Shijiazhuang in 2011, although the brand was established for a short time, it did not affect its production of high-quality hydraulic components and became an excellent product supplier. In a short period of more than ten years, we have won the high appreciation of many partners with high-quality products and excellent services, and product sales have also developed from one country to many countries. So far, we have sales points in more than 120 countries around the world. Like Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, India, Australia, etc. If you are hesitant to buy hydraulic components because of price, we assure you that we are a high-quality, low-priced, cost-effective enterprise, will make you satisfied with lower prices and extremely high product quality.

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