hydraulic mono block valve


Hydraulic mono block valve is characterized by a simpler structure than a segmented valve, and mono block valves can work under higher pressure. The body type of the valve permits higher pressure because of robust, covered structure. Sealing of mono block valve are better than sectional valves so applications which uses higher pressure than 350 bar prefer mono block valves. Burst pressure of the mono block valves are around 700 – 900 bar so it can work safely under 350-400 bar. Mostly mono block valves do not have auxiliary valves such as anti-shock or anti cavitation valves. Hydraulic mono block valveis mostly applied to lift trucks,sweepers,scrubbers, trenchers, Lawn & Garden Equipment, golf course maintenance equipment.

We are Hanjiu, a manufacturer specializing in the production of valves, our manufacturing facilities have many machine tools capable of producing high quality hydraulic mono block valves. Our products offer the following advantages:
1. We have competitively priced
2. Up to 6 valves are readily available
3. Cable controls available for use on both sides of the valve
4. Top inlets and outlets for additional versatility
5. Variety of options available including cable controls for use on both sides of the valve, cylinder spools, motor spools and single acting spools, detents, spring centring kits, hydraulic pilot kits, pnuematic pilot kits and High Pressure Carry Over (HPCO) ie. power beyond port.
6. Our innovative use of composite coatings can help you avoid the impact of production, cost, labor and other effects caused by frequent changes. Hanjiu boldly cited new technologies to find more reasonable and economical energy-saving measures, and after countless experiments, we finally chose to use a polymer composite material whose surface is smoother than polished stainless steel surfaces, and has hydrophobic, waterproof algae adhesion. After completion, the surface of the equipment is made to form a hydraulic smooth surface, so as to improve the operating efficiency of the pump and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. At the same time, it can also protect the inner surface of the pump from corrosion, which has the dual effects of energy saving and anti-corrosion. The use, repair and maintenance of water pumps will play a key role in energy saving, consumption reduction and economic efficiency. In addition, the pump we design is simple and convenient to operate, which does not have high requirements for the construction environment and can be widely used.

If you have any relevant needs, contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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