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If you know about hydraulic systems, you will never doubt the importance of hydraulic directional control valves.  The hydraulic directional control valve, as a control element that controls the specific direction of the mechanical oil circuit, determines the internal operating efficiency of the entire mechanical equipment.  A hydraulic directional control valve that can indicate the direction of the oil circuit can be described as a beacon in the hydraulic system.

Once industrial machinery and equipment cannot operate normally, it is necessary to check whether the hydraulic directional control valve is damaged.  The hydraulic directional control valve that cannot be used as usual will cause failure of the internal oil circuit of the equipment, which will cause the entire system to enter a paralyzed state.  The position of hydraulic directional control valve is so important, do you still dare to buy fake and inferior products?

   Hydraulic components are products with high requirements in terms of technology and raw materials. It is not suitable to buy casually.  Fake and shoddy products are not meticulous in workmanship and have a low degree of fit with the equipment, which will make the entire hydraulic system unable to play a positive role.  Therefore, for this kind of hydraulic components with extremely high performance requirements, I would like to choose a trustworthy brand for cooperation.  Big brands are well-recognized and more trustworthy.

Hydraulic components have developed rapidly in recent years, and a large amount of capital has been integrated into hydraulic technology, which has also led to chaos and disorder in the hydraulic component market, which is dazzling.  I only recognize HANJIU TECHNOLOGY as a manufacturer of hydraulic components with excellent quality and good service, one-time purchase, lifetime trust.

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is a manufacturer that mainly produces hydraulic components such as hydraulic rail motors and steering gears. The products produced are widely used in hydraulic systems such as excavators, loaders, rubber and plastic machinery, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.  HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has become a well-known supplier of hydraulic components at home and abroad by virtue of its super high quality and perfect after-sales service.

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY not only does a good job of hydraulic motors, but also has many excellent performance products in the field of hydraulic directional control valves.  For example, the well-known DC V series, P40/80 series, HSV series, etc. of hydraulic components in the market nowadays, every product produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is an absolute boutique.

The three series of hydraulic directional control valves have their own characteristics, such as the DC V hydraulic directional control valve, which is specifically designed for high-pressure hydraulic systems such as drilling rigs and toilets.  If you want an economical hydraulic directional control valve, then the P40 and P80 series are definitely your best choice.

What I want to talk about here is the HSV 6 series hydraulic directional control valve. Its characteristic is that it can realize flexible switching between oil circuits under different flow pressures.  The HSV 6 series hydraulic directional control valve can be connected to different equipment or oil outlets for use.  It can also be connected to an oil pump to realize a series of operations that deliver hydraulic oil to two different oil circuits.  It is more flexible and can be used in a wider atmosphere.  It can be said that the HSV 6 series hydraulic directional control valve is a fighter in the industry, and it delivers a steady stream of power for the development of the hydraulic directional control valve.

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has a complete production line and mature manufacturing technology, which can ensure that every customer's order can be efficiently and quality output.  If you don't know how to choose the type of hydraulic directional control valve, or want to know about the product use process and installation procedure, you can check the relevant information on our official website www.hjhydraulic.com.

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is committed to building a first-class brand of hydraulic components at home and abroad. Choose HANJIU TECHNOLOGY to equip your hydraulic system with the most advanced and high-quality hydraulic components!


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