Break the "low quality" of hydraulic steering gear, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY gives you the answer


The hydraulic steering device is actually a hydraulic power steering gear. As the most important part of the steering system, it is a gear structure that can complete the rotation from the rotation to the linear motion. It is also the deceleration transmission device in the steering system.  The hydraulic system without hydraulic steering device can be said to have lost the most important soul.

The hydraulic system has now become the hottest technical system at home and abroad, and various hydraulic components are widely used in the agricultural industry.  The hydraulic steering device is an important steering device in the hydraulic system, which plays a pivotal role in the normal operation of the hydraulic system.  If the hydraulic steering device is of poor quality and low efficiency, the operation of the hydraulic system will be greatly affected.

The complicated market and low quality of hydraulic components have become the main reasons restricting the sustainable development of the hydraulic industry.  In the final analysis, everyone wants to come to the hydraulic components market to get a share of the pie.  Hydraulic components have become the sweet pasta of the manufacturing industry. Many businessmen have seen business opportunities and want to put them into production, resulting in uneven quality of hydraulic components on the market.  It is difficult to buy a good quality hydraulic steering device.

But if you can find a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic components, you can save a lot of trouble.  Speaking of manufacturers of hydraulic components, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has to be mentioned.  I wonder if you have heard of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, which is a dynamic manufacturer of hydraulic components.  Once the product was launched, it was favored by consumers and became the target of many manufacturers vying to buy.  Especially the hydraulic steering gears produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY are rich in types and styles, which can meet your needs for various performances of hydraulic steering gears.

The BZZ series and 10 series hydraulic steering gears produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY are the best-selling hydraulic steering gears on the market.  For example, the BZZ1, BZZ2, and BZZ3 series of hydraulic steering devices are hydraulic components developed in cooperation with Sichuan University, a well-known domestic university.  The characteristic of this hydraulic steering device is that it does not require a mechanical linkage device, and it quickly wins the hydraulic steering device market with the two characteristics of low cost and light structure.  If you want a more affordable hydraulic steering device, the BZZ series is a good choice.

   In addition, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's flagship product, the hydraulic steering device 10 series, can not be ignored.  This is an integral hydraulic steering device with the body of the rotary valve as its overall structure.  The structure is flexible and changeable, and it can be used together with the pressure control valve of the whole system such as cartridge valve.  The 10 series hydraulic steering device is widely used in the steering control system of various engineering vehicles, such as mechanical forklifts, road rollers, combine harvesters, ship steering gears and other mechanical steering systems.  This series of hydraulic reversing devices is more flexible and reliable, so it is also welcomed by many consumers.

 10系列.jpg In the field of hydraulic steering devices, you can completely trust HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.  Our products are not only high-quality, but also flexible.  If you have any special needs for the product, you can contact our customer service staff.  We can provide you with valves with different functions and pressure levels according to your needs to meet your personalized design.

More relevant information can be found on the official website of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY We have detailed explanation videos to introduce you to the installation process.  Here, you can learn about the most comprehensive method of using and maintaining hydraulic components in the entire network.  HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is not only professional, but also caring.  Of course, you can’t miss HANJIU TECHNOLOGY if you buy a hydraulic steering device!


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