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The use of hydraulic technology in agricultural machinery can greatly improve the performance of the comprehensive utilization of tractors and the efficiency of farm tools, and the advanced hydraulic dump trailers, hydraulic excavation and hydraulic loading and other supporting equipment are used in agricultural production, which will significantly improve work efficiency.


When the tractor and other agricultural machinery and equipment are operated by hydraulic technology, it is convenient to realize the stepless speed change, in the harvesting operation, in order to improve the productivity of the unit, prevent the threshing drum from failing due to overload, the walking speed of the combine harvester needs to be randomly adjusted, the hydraulic drive can carry out the stepless speed change, the systematic arrangement is more convenient, and the work efficiency of the unit can also be improved, and the possibility of machine failure can be reduced.


The use of hydraulic transmission in agricultural machinery can simplify the structure of the machine itself, reduce material consumption and manufacturing costs. The use of hydraulic technology for the operation of agricultural machinery can reduce the pulling strength of the operator, improve productivity, with the help of hydraulic technology to operate the harvester, header, tractor suspension of farm tools lifting, loader, excavator working parts are also more labor-saving. After using hydraulic technology, agricultural machinery can greatly improve the work efficiency of the unit, reduce the consumption of materials to a minimum, greatly reduce the weight of machinery, greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of machinery, improve the production efficiency of agricultural machinery, greatly reduce the labor intensity of labor, and improve the reliability and efficiency of work.


Hydraulic valve is a kind of automatic element with pressure control, generally used in combination with electromagnetic pressure distribution valve, mainly used for long-distance control of hydropower, oil, gas and water pipeline system on-off operation, can also be used in the oil circuit clamping, control, lubrication and other operations, the main structure is divided into direct type and pilot type, of which the pilot type is more commonly used. The use of hydraulic valves in agricultural machinery is also very common, providing adjustment, power, power and other technical support for agricultural machinery.


The first is the agricultural machinery used in the production of bulk grain crops, such as tractors, harvesters, seeders, etc. In the harvester, the hydraulic system mainly plays the role of controlling the height of the harvesting table, the opening and closing of the granary, etc.; In the cultivator, the hydraulic system can also provide the driving force for the control of the tillage depth and the lifting when crossing the ditch; In agricultural tractors, the application of hydraulic technology optimizes the connection process between the tractor and the supporting agricultural implements.


The second is the research and development of agricultural machinery. With the progress of science and technology, agricultural machinery is also developing in the direction of automation and intelligence, and the scientific application of hydraulic system can not only provide sufficient power for agricultural machinery, but also effectively improve the operation efficiency of agricultural machinery. For example, electro-hydraulic control technology can easily implement a variety of complex hydraulic function requirements. There is also hydraulic suspension technology, which solves the power drive problem of folding, flipping and other functions on agricultural machinery with joint duplex operation.


The third is the agricultural machinery used in cash crops. The use of hydraulic systems in this kind of agricultural machinery mainly involves large-scale translational sprinkler irrigation machines, cotton intercropping machinery, etc.


The use of hydraulic valves in agricultural machinery is very common, and agriculture machinery hydraulic valve is mostly outdoors, which is easily affected by vibration, sunlight, rainfall and other factors, so the daily maintenance and maintenance of agriculture machinery hydraulic valve is very important. If you have any questions about Agriculture Machinery Hydraulic Valve, please feel free to contact us.


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