Are you still worrying about buying hydraulic components? Insiders reveal the mystery of the hydraulic market in one sentence


Many people have responded to me that it is becoming more and more difficult to buy hydraulic components, especially for high-quality hydraulic components. Although the hydraulic component market has become saturated, it is still uneven in terms of quality. If you are lucky, you can buy products that you want. If you are unlucky, you will not only waste money buying fake and shoddy products that are not of good quality, but also add a lot of risks to yourself.

Hydraulic components are widely used in various mechanical equipment with their excellent performance, providing a continuous source of power for the operating mechanism. Therefore, the market's demand for hydraulic components has also greatly increased, and unscrupulous merchants also want to use their inferior products to join in the fun and take the opportunity to make a wave of money. And if you don’t know much about hydraulic components, then you are likely to be fooled. Black-hearted merchants have endless ways of making layers, but there are also high-quality hydraulic component manufacturers in the hydraulic component market, such as the current leader in the hydraulic component market-HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.

If you are doing your homework for buying hydraulic components, then I believe you will have heard of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY. If any oil component manufacturer's products are both high quality and affordable, it must be HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.



Are you still worried about how to buy high-quality hydraulic components? Congratulations, when you encounter HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, all these problems can be solved. Do not believe? So let me introduce to you the two treasures of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.

1. Hydraulic motor

How powerful the hydraulic motor is, I believe I don't need to say more about it. Its status is equivalent to the existence of the heart for humans. Without it, everything is imaginary and cannot operate normally. The hydraulic motors sold by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY can be said to cover all models. Each series of motors has its unique advantages, such as BMT series, BMS series, BMR series, etc. These series of motors are equipped with the most complete Model, no matter what you need for flow, operating environment, and size, you can find satisfactory products at HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.

For example, our BMR series hydraulic motor can automatically compensate when operating in a high-pressure environment, providing a reliable and stable power source for mechanical equipment, and it has a specially designed power distribution system that can meet the low-noise requirements of the unit. Small in size and easy to install, it is an indispensable helper for you.

2. Hydraulic directional control valve

The normal operation of the hydraulic system requires the perfect coordination of various components. The hydraulic directional control valve is one of the most important components and a component that cannot be ignored. It can control the commutation, start and stop of the actuator by controlling the on and off of the oil in the oil circuit. Therefore, the importance of the hydraulic directional control valve can be imagined. If you happen to need a hydraulic directional control valve, you may wish to take a look at the hydraulic directional control valve of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, which will satisfy you.

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY currently sells hydraulic directional control valves with 1 spool hydraulic integral valve and 3 spool hydraulic unit valve. If you want a higher degree of adaptation, you can choose 1 spool hydraulic integral valve. It has a variety of specifications. You can choose from 40 liters, 45 liters, 50 liters, 60 liters and so on. If you want a compact and practical type, then I recommend a 3-spool hydraulic unit valve, you can earn it when you buy it!


If you want to know more detailed information about HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, you can browse and consult on our official website, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is definitely your most cost-effective choice!


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