B/MR 200 hydraulic motors with brake


B/MR 200 hydraulic motor with brake extending BMR series motor range. This motor has an integrated holding brake. 



Characteristic features:

*Advanced manufacturing devices for the Geroler gear set , which use low pressure of start-up ,

provide smooth , reliable operation and high efficiency .

*Shaft seal can bear high pressure of back and the motor can be use in parallel or in series .

*Special design in the driver-linker and prolong operating life .

*Special design for distribution system can meet the requirement of low noise of unit .

*Compact volume and easy installation .

*Small volume and radial dimension,high holding torque,power brake,low weight and easy to install .



Main Specification

Geometric displacement  (cm3/rev.) 194.5
Max. speed 
rated 276
cont. 301
int. 376
Max. torque 
rated 335
cont. 359
int. 333
Max. output 
rated 9.7
cont. 11.3
int. 13.1
Max. Pressure drop 
rated 12
cont. 13
int. 17.5
Max. Flow 
rated 55
cont. 60
int. 75
Min. opening pressure (MPa) 1.7-2.2
Max. inlet pressure(MPa) 25
Max. brake release port pressure(MPa) 25
Max. static torque(Nm) 500-550
Weight (kg) 13


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