BZZ5 Series Hydraulic Steering Control Units (SCU)


Hydraulic steering control unit(SCU) is widely used both in the steering system of vehicles and the marine rudder. The operator can obtain bigger steering control force with less steering force, and its function is more safety and reliable, its operation is more smooth and flexible.


In addition to the advantages mentioned above, BZZ5 series SCU has the features as follows:

BZZ5 series SCU can supply priority relative flow to ensure reliable , sensitive and flexible steering according to the requirement of hydraulic steering system, whether the load pressure is big or small, or the steering wheel rotates quick or slow.

In addition to the necessary flow supply to the steering system, the remaining flow out of the pump can be supplied to subsidiary flow system , so that the system can avoid the power loss caused by surplus flow out of the steering flow system, and the system efficiency can be increased.



As for load sensing steering system, the steering system and the operational system may use the same pump through the priority valve or the load sensing system can distribute the surplus oil of the steering system into the operational system. Meanwhile, if the pump with load sensing is used , the load sensing will have obviously productive results. 


The LS port of the load sensing steering unit has to connect with priority valve or LS port of load sensing pump, so that the signal of the steering load pressure of the steering unit can be transferred to priority valve or load sensing pump through oil hose ( we suggest that the length of the hose is ≤2 m), to control the oil volume supplied to steering unit by the control system. 



Main Specification

Type Displacement 

Max. input 
speed (rpm)

Max. input 
pressure (MPa)
Max. cont. back 
pressure (MPa)
Max. power 
steering torque (N·m)
BZZ5–E 50* 50 140 100 16 1.6 ≤5
BZZ5–E 63* 63 141
BZZ5–E 80* 80 142.5
BZZ5–E 100* 100 145
BZZ5–E 125* 125 148
BZZ5–E 160* 160 153
BZZ5–E 200* 200 158
BZZ5–E 250* 250 164
BZZ5–E 280* 280 169 75
BZZ5–E 315* 315 174
BZZ5–E 400* 400 184
BZZ5–E 500* 500 197 60
BZZ5–E 630* 630 216
BZZ5–E 800* 800 236
BZZ5–E 1000* 1000 262


Function Code


Mounting Data


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