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Char-Lynn is from America,Char-Lynn steering controls, general purpose motors, including spool valves motors, disc valves motors, and other high-performance motors have been Eaton products since 1970. Known for their quality and performance, these highly cost-effective, industry leading products are widely used by original equipment manufacturers in a broad range of industrial and consumer vehicles and equipment. Char-Lynn products are available worldwide through the Eaton distributor network.


Structural features:


1. End face distribution cycloid hydraulic motor.


2. Advanced column-mounted stator and rotor parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency, low speed smooth operation.


3. Advanced shaft seal design, high north pressure bearing capacity. Advanced and reliable linkage shaft design makes the motor have a long life.


4. Advanced flow distribution mechanism design, with high flow distribution accuracy and automatic wear compensation.


5. The motor is allowed to be used in series and parallel, and the oil leakage port should be connected when used in series.


6. It adopts tapered roller bearing support design, which has a large radial bearing capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism.


7. A variety of flanges, output shafts, oil ports and other installation and connection forms.


Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motor extends seal life with integrated check valves. Reduces the fluid pressure acting on the shaft seal. The reduced housing pressure to return pressure helps extend seal life (60% of the overall system pressure). The housing leakage option is recommended for tandem connection applications. The self-lubricating guide sleeve reduces friction under radial side loads, ensuring adequate lubrication and support under all rotating conditions. The lengthening of the distribution shaft shoulder reduces leakage into the motor housing, resulting in increased efficiency and an increase in the number of shaft revolutions, which is conducive to more efficient work.


Hanjiu hydraulic Motor uses stronger elements, such as wear plates, to prevent deformation under high pressure and subsequent leakage. Helps reduce leakage. The design and construction of the Char Lynn Hydraulic Motor shaft seal allows the motor to withstand high back pressure without external housing leakage. The motors can withstand high back pressures and are connected in series or parallel with each other.


Hanjiu hydraulic Motor has products with anti-corrosion coatings for use in harsh environments. Like salt spray, water and various chemicals. They prevent corrosion in harsh environments and are particularly effective in marine, food processing, car washdown, fishing and agricultural use. Plating on the shaft helps eliminate seal damage in the shaft seal area caused by corrosive or acidic materials. The output shaft of such motors is coated or protected by a coating on the outside of the entire motor.


Hanjiu has more than ten years of production experience, has completed the production of char-Lynn hydraulic motor many times, and has received praise, gained a lot of repeat customers, customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Hanjiu has a professional young production and R & D team, using German advanced technology, the products produced will definitely make you satisfied.


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