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Hydraulic motor is an important component of hydraulic system. It is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and is used as an actuator. The following is a comparison of Eaton hydraulic motor series and Han Nine hydraulic motor series.


Eaton Corporation is a diversified manufacturer of industrial products with 2006 sales of $12.4 billion. Eaton is a global leader in many industrial areas, including power quality, power distribution and control systems and components; Hydraulic systems and services required for industrial equipment and mobile construction machinery and aerospace; Safe and energy-saving intelligent truck transmission system; And automotive engine air management systems, drivetrains and special control systems that help the automotive industry improve performance, fuel economy and safety. Char-lynn Steering controllers, general-purpose motors, including spool valve motors, disc valve motors and other high performance motors have been Eaton products since 1970.These cost-effective, industry-leading products are known for their quality and performance and are widely used by Oems in a wide range of industrial and consumer vehicles and equipment. Char-Lynn products are available worldwide through the Eaton dealer network. Popular products include :Char-lynn motor, Char-lynn hydraulic motor, Char-lynn motor, etc. In some ways Eton is the best choice for you.


The following is HANJIU Technology, located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, is one of the most professional hydraulic production and manufacturing companies in China, with overseas trade covering many countries and regions. Hanjiu Company specializes in the production of hydraulic parts, various types, complete models, 100% replaceable original, can replace Eatonne, Danford, White, M+S, EPMV and other imported brands. The price is low and the quality is guaranteed. We have a large number of advanced hydraulic pump test stands, equipped with a large number of experienced professional hydraulic system engineers. In addition, our excavator pump varieties, complete categories, price concessions, in the same industry, there are the same quality of products but our prices are more favorable, there are the same product prices but our product quality is higher.We believe that you choose our products will improve shopping satisfaction, if you have any questions can come to consult us, looking forward to your call.


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