Char Lynn Motor Identification


Eaton company in the United States is one of the world's three precision hydraulic giants, according to the international fluid power statistics agency data reality, the hydraulic industry share of the United States accounts for 34% of the world's total, their Char Lynn company is growing rapidly, many customers will choose to buy Char Lynn hydraulic motor products, so do you know how to identify different models of Char Lynn hydraulic motor? This article does some popular science for you.


First, you need to determine if the brand of the motor is Char Lynn. Generally, the hydraulic motor will have two signs when it leaves the factory, one is the production date, certificate of conformity, etc. The second is the nameplate of the hydraulic motor, which is the brand logo. Then you can judge which model is according to the specific structural characteristics of the hydraulic motor, and the following is the specific introduction:


1.J-2 series motor

The shaft seal allows shell pressures up to 76 bar [1100 PSI] return line pressure, eliminating the need for shell leakage tubing. When using housing leak pipes, peak pressures of 220 bar [3190 PSI] in the return lines are allowed. This small motor can be mounted in any orientation to suit the requirements of the job. Drive devices such as sprockets and pulleys can be mounted directly on the motor shaft.


2.JS series

It adopts shaft distribution columnar stator and rotor design, which has higher oil distribution accuracy and higher mechanical efficiency; It adopts imported shaft sealing ring with high back pressure bearing capacity; It is convenient in terms of adjusting the speed and direction of rotation; Small size and compact structure all day.


3. BM3 (Enhanced JS) series

Double rolling bearing design at both ends for greater lateral load carrying capacity; It has the installation and connection form of output shaft, oil port, etc., which is convenient for adjusting the speed and rotation direction.


4.6K/J6K series structural features

Advanced flow distribution mechanism design, with the characteristics of high flow distribution accuracy and automatic compensation of wear, the motor allows series and parallel use, and the leakage pipe should be connected when used in series. The tapered roller bearing support design has a large radial load carrying capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism.


5.2K/J2K series structural features

It adopts advanced flow distribution mechanism design, which has the characteristics of high flow distribution accuracy and automatic wear compensation. The motor is allowed to be used in series and parallel, and the oil leakage pipe should be connected when used in series;


It adopts tapered roller bearing support design, which has a large radial load carrying capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism, and has a variety of flanges, output shafts, oil ports and other mounting and connection forms.


Have you mastered how to identify Char Lynn Motor? If you still have questions, don't worry, there are many types of hydraulic motors, and it is normal that you can't master them all at once. We are Hanjiu, our factory specializes in designing and producing improved affordable alternatives to Char Lynn, we employ a large number of original application and technical experts, 24-hour online service, you can contact us at any time, we will choose the most suitable equipment for you, assist you to quickly complete the purchase, achieve the best function, the best price, the best supply, and achieve the best component and solution selection.


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