Charynn 10000 - 940cc Hydraulic motor


Charynn 10000 - 940cc Hydraulic motor adapt the advanced Geroler gear set designed with disc distribition,flow and high pressure. The unit can be supplied the individual variant in operating multifunction in accor dance with requirement of applications.



Characteristic features:

*Advanced manufacturing devices for the Geroler gear set锛寃hich use low pressure of startup, provide smooth and reliable op erati on and high efficiency.

*Advanced design in disc distribution flow , which can automatically compensate in operating with high volume efficiency and l ong life ,provide smooth and reliable operation.

*Shaft seal can bear high pressure of back .

*The output shaft adapts in cylinder roller bearings that permit high axial and radiali forces. The case can offers capacities of hi gh pressure and high torque in the wide of applications.



Main Specification 

Geometric displacement (cm3/rev.) 933
Max.speed (rpm) cont. 180
int. 280
Max.torque (N•m) cont. 2480
int. 3400
Max.pressure drop 
cont. 17.5
int. 24.0
peak. 26.0
Max.flow (L/min) cont. 170
int. 265
Weight (kg) 47.1


*Continuous pressure : Max. value of operating motor continuously.

*Intermittent pressure: Max. value of operating motor in 6 seconds per minute.

*Peak pressure: Max. value of operating motor in 0.6 second per minute.

Oil recommend: Anti-wear hydraulic oil, viscosity 37-73cSt,cleanliness of oil as ISO

18/13, Max. operating temperature upper limit 80 .

Special motive seal, motor permits back pressure can reach 7-20MPa(optical),but to

achieve good life cycle and overall performance, we recommend the back pressure cant over 5 MPa, if so, recommend to use drain line, to make sure inside of the motor fulfilled with

oil when drain oil in use. The drain line pipe should have a certain throttle to keep the

back pressure over 3.5 Bar. If the drain line in use, it is not only can keep low back

pressure, but also can flash the wear pollution out, still have a function as cooling.

There is a run-in period before full load of the motor, recommend to do the run -in

period for 1 hour under 30% of the Max. working pressure. The Max.output torque related to

the type of shaft.



Performance Data


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