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What is a concrete pump auger motor?

The concrete pump truck mixing motor is used in the hydraulic system of the pump truck and is an output device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Stirring motors can generally be divided into two types: small torque and large torque. In recent years, with the continuous development of hydraulic technology in the direction of high pressure and high power and people's increasing attention to environmental protection, hydraulic actuators are required to have the characteristics of low noise, low pollution and stable operation. Therefore, high torque motors have become one of the development trends. one.


Concrete pump brands and their auger motor OEMs:

Currently popular brands of concrete pump are: putzmeister, Schwing, Cifa, Sermac. Their auger motor OEMs are: 10039180, 484279, 541970, 484279, 541970, 238130001, 434196. Different manufacturers may have different codes, as will aftermarket auger motor models.


Now the auger  motor is often used by everyone, but everyone knows very little about it, and often encounters various problems when using it. Next, I will tell you about the installation and use of the hydraulic auger motor for concrete pump trucks. precautions and how to choose a high-quality auger motor.


How to use the auger motor correctly and prolong its service life?

Precautions for the use of concrete pump auger motor

(1) The frame on which the motor is installed should have sufficient rigidity. The bracket and base on which the motor is installed must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the reaction force acting on the motor when it outputs torque. If the rigidity of the frame on which the motor is installed is insufficient, vibration or deformation will occur, and even accidents may occur, and the concentricity of the connection between the driver and the motor shaft cannot be guaranteed to be within 0.1mm.


(2) The auger motor and gearbox should not be used together. One of the characteristics of concrete pump truck transmission is the large power-to-weight ratio, and in general, the mixing motor circuit itself can complete the usual speed regulation and variable speed functions. Therefore, if the stirring motor is used together with a gear box, the control characteristics will be lost, and the size and cost of the equipment will also be significantly increased.


(3) The oil drain port of the auger motor should be returned to the oil tank separately. Although all the return oil pressures are not high (close to atmospheric pressure) from a general concept, the return oil in many hydraulic systems still has a certain pressure, and the oil drain chamber of the auger motor is not allowed to have pressure (the oil drain of the hydraulic motor). The inside of the port is connected to the housing cavity, and the shaft seal of the motor shaft only acts as a seal and cannot withstand pressure. If this port is connected with other oil return pipelines, it is easy to cause damage to the motor shaft seal, resulting in oil leakage Therefore, it is not allowed to connect the drain port of the auger motor with other oil return lines.


How is a good auger motor?

According to the above precautions, we can infer the characteristics of high-quality auger motors

1. It has the characteristics of large torque, low noise, low pollution and stable operation.

2. It can complete the function of speed regulation and speed change, and reduce the size and cost of the equipment

3. High-pressure, wear-resistant seals and shaft seals


Case Study – Reasons and Solutions for the Damage of the Auger Motor of Schwing Concrete Pump Truck:

The SCHWING (KVM34X) concrete pump truck produced by German Schwing Company has the advantages of large conveying pressure and stable flow, and is a good equipment for pumping concrete in construction. However, due to the damage of the auger motor of the pump truck, the normal construction is directly affected, and a large amount of hydraulic oil is wasted. Today I will lead you to analyze the reasons for the damage of the auger motor!


(1) Cause of damage

When the auger motor is working, the mortar infiltrates into the shaft end of the stirring motor along the surface of the stirring shaft, causing damage to the sealing parts of the stirring motor, causing the hydraulic oil of the auger motor to leak, and the motor cannot be used normally. The reasons are as follows: when working, the stirring motor and the stirring shaft rotate, there is a gap between the auger motor shaft and the seal and the copper sleeve, and the mortar penetrates into the shaft end of the auger motor along the surface of the shaft; when working, the auger blade pushes the concrete to form. The axial circulating motion flow generates axial pressure and accelerates the penetration of the mortar; the seal is sealed by means of elasticity, due to its own aging, impact and alkaline corrosion of concrete, and the influence of concrete coagulation, so the loss of sealing performance allows the mortar to easily penetrate into the shaft end of the motor; once penetration occurs, the mortar acts as an abrasive, increasing the wear of the seal and creating a vicious cycle.


(2) Solution

In view of the above analysis, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of premature failure of the auger motor, we should start with solving the seal at the connection between the auger shaft and the auger motor. To this end, the following improvements should be made: 1. Add flanges and short shafts to keep the auger motor out of contact with the mortar as much as possible; 2. Set up two more sealing felts on the additional flanges to make the mortar very It is difficult to penetrate into the auger motor; 3. Open a slurry leakage hole just below the newly added flange, so that the infiltrated mortar cannot condense on the newly added flange.


About us:

Based on years of in-depth research on the concrete pump truck market, research on the characteristics of the hydraulic system of concrete pump trucks in various regions and rich experience in manufacturing auger motors, we can provide auger motors used in all concrete pump trucks. Coupled with our knowledge of applications and working conditions, our auger motors can perfectly meet the standards of high-quality stirring motors and can also solve the application problems encountered in the above cases.


We, HANJIU, are a hydraulic motor manufacturer from China. Our products have successfully entered the international OEM market. From single export to Europe, to covering South America, North America, Asia and Africa, we are launching the national brand of 'HANJIU ' in the international market. Affected by the international financial crisis, since last year, many internationally renowned main engine manufacturers have begun to look for hydraulic motors with reliable quality and lower prices to replace higher-priced European and American products, and HANJIU Hydraulic has become their first choice. HANJIU has seized the opportunity decisively. Since the second half of last year, it has developed new products and hired marketing personnel to meet the needs of world-renowned OEMs to expand the world OEM market. We have launched more than 20 new products in response to the needs of world-renowned mainframe manufacturers. At present, most of these products have been certified, and some have been put into mass production.


In the past, in the international concrete pump OEM market, those well-known companies only used the products of Danfoss and Eaton, the two major hydraulic motor production giants, plus the logo and code of the OEM, which became known as the OEM code. No one knows about HANJIU Hydraulic. Now as long as 'HANJIU Hydraulics, China' is mentioned, those foreign customers will nod their heads and say: 'HAN'. They know that our product quality is close to that of Danfoss and Eaton, has a very impressive application on their concrete pump trucks, and costs much less. There is a dealer who has been selling Schwing auger motors and we have contacted him every year for years, but he ignored it. He suddenly came uninvited last year, and now our product is his main selling item. In the concrete pump truck auger motor market, HANJIU auger motors are growing at an alarming rate. Now we receive orders from foreign OEMs and distributors every day: "In the context of the severe shrinkage of the international market, our export sales increased by 45% year-on-year last year, and we have been producing at full capacity since the Spring Festival, and last month's production reached a record high.



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