Hydraulic Torqmotor


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. supplies different kinds of hydraulic products, Hydraulic Torqmotor is one of them, Hydraulic Torqmotor is a widely used motor, Hanjiu Technology is very professional in the process of manufacturing it, especially their low-speed high-torque motor LSHT (High-speed hydraulic motors with rated speed higher than 500r/min, low-speed hydraulic motors with rated speed lower than 500r/min) Products, with the efforts of R&D department and manufacturing department, Hanjiu's low-speed and high-torque clicks are very reliable. High power density, modular and economical design.


This high-torque, low-speed motor is specifically designed to move heavy parts and equipment at slower speeds. Provides a lot of power or torque at a slower speed, suitable for large or heavy objects such as truck-mounted booms and cranes, aerial work platforms, winches, conveyors, grabs, conveyors, winches and other vehicles towing drive.


If you need to buy, there are also many options to choose from, including: displacement size, output shaft size and type, mounting flange type, porting interface. You can choose the various parts of the motor according to the purchase intention. Of course, if you don't know how to choose a suitable motor model or want more models, please contact the customer service staff of Hanjiu Technology Company, they can provide customized services.


The low-speed high-torque motor is very safe, compact, and has a huge power density, providing new possibilities for many fields of work. I can tell you responsibly that it is very important to choose a high-quality low-cost torque motor in Hanjiu Technology. worth it. The reason why they play a pivotal role in many hydraulic component manufacturers is closely related to the quality and price of their products. Hanjiu's products currently have no comparable homogeneous products in the market, because they are committed to developing more innovative, competitive and well-known products.


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