Control Valve


The flow control valve is a valve that controls the flow rate of the orifice by changing the fluid resistance of the orifice under a certain pressure difference, thereby adjusting the movement speed of the actuator (hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor). It mainly includes throttle valve, speed control valve, overflow throttle valve and diversion and flow valve. The installation form is horizontal installation. The connection method is divided into flange type and thread type; welding type. The control and adjustment methods are divided into automatic and manual. The control valves sold by Hanjiu brand include all the above types.


All directional valves produced by Hanjiu meet the highest international requirements and European quality standards, and are many times higher in quality than similar Chinese products such as P40, P80, DCV60, and DCV100. Excellent replacement for mining, lifting, waste collection, snow removal, agriculture and various special equipment, such as: manipulators, tractors, combines, excavators, presses and hydraulic stations, etc., as OEM hydraulic control valves on original equipment excellent substitutes. Our directional control valves are manufactured on state-of-the-art facilities and are tested throughout all manufacturing cycles starting with checking the quality of the cast housing and the clearance between a pair of housing spools. High precision spool manufacturing allows for "zero leakage" at operating pressure and minimal pressure drop when switching spool position relative to mid-position. The technical and design department uses high quality materials (water cast iron) and unique precision in the manufacture of each unit distributor, which allows high performance and minimal steam leakage. For example the Hydraulic Control Valve Dcv60 universal version is used as standard, it has a built-in 320 Bar pressure valve, a handle spring return to neutral position, as an additional option the handle can be fixed and float position, the control type is hydraulic distributor 2 Section, 60 l/min, manual control, etc. Various types of control, such as hydraulic solenoid control of 12, 24 volts, pneumatic control, hydraulic control with hydraulic joystick, joystick control on cable and combined control


If you need to purchase in bulk, Hanjiu's professional customer service will be happy to help you choose the valve you need. You only need to specify the necessary technical characteristics of the valve, such as: operating principle, sketch, device or the scope of your required equipment. Our experts will provide free advice on the selection of simulation equipment for any hydraulic or pneumatic equipment. For all questions about purchasing equipment, please contact us by email or phone on the official website, and we will respond within 12 hours.


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