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In the previous article, we shared Eaton's orbital motors. Eaton has always been a benchmark in the electrical field. They have won the love and trust of many consumers with their high-quality products. Today we are going to introduce a company with the same reputation as Mean: Danfoss and danfoss orbital motor.


Danfoss is a company that cannot be avoided when it comes to motor production in the market today. Danfoss is an export company established in Denmark in the 1990s. Danfoss first started by producing valves. After the company has grown, it has achieved good results in all aspects and has become a world-leading product manufacturer and service provider in the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning control, heating and water control, and transmission control. business. Danfoss has more than 60 years of experience in the production of danfoss orbital motor, and the production experience is very deep, which can easily manufacture high-quality motor products that meet customer needs. And because of the emphasis on green and sustainable energy, Danfoss applies advanced production technology to the manufacture of orbital motors, focusing on extending the service life of the motor and reducing the fuel consumption of the motor. The advantages of the orbital motors produced by Danfoss are very prominent, which can be summarized as follows:


1. Run smoothly in the entire speed range.

2. Stable working torque in a large speed range, high starting torque.

3. High oil return pressure (high safety seal) and high efficiency when there is no oil drain pipe.

4. Long life under working conditions. Sturdy, compact design.

5. Radial and axial bearing capacity is high.

6. Suitable for open-loop and closed-loop hydraulic systems. Suitable for many different hydraulic media.

7. The valve control system and precise machining ensure the high working efficiency of the motor and reduce the fuel consumption of the system. It is widely used in various compact systems.


In all fairness, danfoss orbital motor is definitely a very good product in the market, but when the technology of motor production has developed to such a mature level, we also have to admit that Danfoss orbital motor is technically superior. There is no absolute advantage, because under the current production technology, the motor technology produced by various companies will not be much different. Danfoss can sell their products to all parts of the world with the help of its huge system, but Similarly, the cost of maintaining the operation of this large company will also be allocated to the product price accordingly. In order to maintain the style of the brand, will they not lower their own prices? This creates a good opportunity for some companies to highlight out the production advantages of other companies.


Hanjiu is a young company that produces hydraulic products, but it has more than ten years of experience in manufacturing. Under these circumstances, Hanjiu Technology can achieve the best price/performance ratio. Hanjiu Technology’s orbital motor has always been the lowest among similar products in the market. You can get a positive result by comparing the prices of related products on this point. It is precisely for this reason that Hanjiu Technology has developed very fast. Although the brand has not been established for a long time, they have achieved great results. Now Hanjiu Technology is not only the largest manufacturer of hydraulic products in northern China, Moreover, their products are exported to more than 30 countries in the world. They have their own dealers and sales points in these countries, which can ensure that customers can get the products as soon as possible and enjoy the fastest and best service. In the case of mature technology, quality can no longer be a unique advantage of a company. If you want to stand out and be remembered by consumers, you must create your own unique point of difference, such as the famous brand effect of Danfoss, and Hanjiu Technology Product excellent value for money. The success of every company is not accidental, and the reasons are worth exploring. If you are interested in Hanjiu, then visit their official website to learn more about it.


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