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The directional valve is a commonly used hydraulic control component. If there are frequent failures or inaccurate operation of the command, it will have a great impact on the user experience. It is necessary to purchase a suitable and high-quality directional valve. The hydraulic solenoid valve of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. will definitely bring you the best experience.


Let’s start with the Z80 Series Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves. This series of medium and high pressure integral structure valves are produced by Hanjiu based on the existing European technology and then upgraded and developed. This electromagnetic reversing valve can be controlled manually or mechanically, and is a hydraulic single valve. Used to distribute and control the working flow between generators (pumps) and actuators (cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc.). It is manufactured from 1 to 7 plungers with parallel or series action, each with a common or individual back valve, with or without safety valve. Its functions and characteristics are as follows:

1. Small size, light structure, light weight, simple operation, safe and reliable;

2. The number of working groups can be increased as needed, up to 7 spools.

3. Complete configuration of primary and secondary relief valves; opening pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements;

4. The series-parallel structure and the external load holding valve ensure that the actuator with a high load will not fall during operation.

5. Modules with different functions on the valve group can realize the switching between single pump and double pump, improve work efficiency and save energy consumption.


Due to the large number of models and specifications, we consider that customers may have doubts during the selection, so the following content is some basis for the selection of electromagnetic control valves. The first thing that needs to be considered is the control mode. The hydraulic electromagnetic reversing valve is generally divided into two control modes: electromagnetic and manual. Customers can choose according to the convenience of operation and the level of system automation. Then you need to consider the pressure and flow rate. The working pressure and flow rate of the system must be lower than the rated working pressure and flow rate of the valve, otherwise it will cause abnormal movement; the back pressure of the oil outlet T port cannot exceed the maximum allowable value, otherwise the electromagnetic commutation will The valve reversing will be difficult; the spool design of the hydraulic solenoid reversing valve also determines its working mode, so the correct choice should be made according to the working requirements of the hydraulic system. Stability of starting is also very important. Hydraulic electromagnetic reversing valves with different neutral functions have different starting performances. If a cavity of the hydraulic cylinder communicates with the oil tank in the neutral position, there will be no hydraulic oil to act as a buffer during startup, which will easily lead to unstable startup. Of course, if you have a choice about some more detailed aspects, please express your questions to us through the official website of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. or the official store, and our professionals will give you a detailed reply within 24 hours.


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