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Hanjiu technology company's directional valve popular series is many, today mainly to show you P40, P80, P120 series, this series of high pressure overall structure valve is Hanjiu technology developed on the basis of Europe, although it is a more basic series of valves, but under the innovation and development it has a lot of Hanjiu technology's characteristics.


In appearance, they are small and light in structure, so they are light, simple and reliable in operation; the number of workgroups can increase with up to 7 primary and secondary overflow valves, so the opening pressure can be adjusted for customer requirements; series and parallel structures or external load holding valves to ensure that the higher load actuators does not drop during operation. In addition, the modules with different functions on the valve set can realize the switch between single pump and double pump, improve the work efficiency, and save energy consumption. The overall structure of the P80 series of single hydraulic control valves with high tensile strength cast iron and precision grinding and hard chrome-plated wire shafts also ensure that they have a long service life.


Because this relatively basic valve cost is relatively low, so it is also low price. But they are also very strong and durable. So it is very suitable for being widely used in the pursuit of affordable agriculture, industrial equipment and other fields.


In addition to these products, Hanjiu Technology's BZZ1, BZZ2, and BZZ3 series steering units are also very distinctive. The advantage of this series of products is that they do not need mechanical linkage devices, so they can help you reduce costs. This SCU series provides more flexible operation, with light steering torque. Alternatively, the series can provide emergency manual steering in case of an engine failure, and can be turned at a continuous speed at a low steering torque. In terms of installation options, it can also match many hydraulic systems and connect various steering pumps.


Not only these products, HANJIU other products of technology is also very characteristic, because refused to with the hydraulic products on the market have homogeneity, they constantly improve the past products, develop innovative products, and the pursuit of higher quality, with their own professionalism, HANJIU technology is committed to become an international famous hydraulic brand, if you are interested in the story of HANJIU science and technology, then please visit the official website to learn more.


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