In the previous article, we learned about the classification of hydraulic motors and the maintenance skills in the event of failure. Hydraulic motors do not refer to a particular product. In fact, it can be said to be a wide range of concepts. Many things belong to hydraulic motors, like the Orbitrol that I'm sharing today.


Orbitrol is a hydraulic rail controller. It is a full hydraulic steering system composed of an oil supply pump, a relief valve (or a diverter valve), a steering cylinder and other connecting accessories. It is widely used in agricultural machinery, shipping machinery, garden machinery, and road maintenance machinery. , forestry machinery, construction machinery and mining machinery and other low-speed heavy-duty vehicles. The operator can easily steer large machines such as tractors and large trucks with little effort with the help of Orbitrol. Orbitrol is the core part of the hydraulic steering system and plays a major role.


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Orbitrol is a high-precision component, and some problems are inevitable during long-term use. The parts that are prone to failure include distribution shaft and oil distribution plate, rotor, stator, bearing and oil seal, etc. The fault is in the oil distribution plate. The outer surface of the outer circle or the end face of the oil distribution plate is worn and pulled, the outer surface of the rotor teeth is pulled up, the surface of the inner teeth (pin teeth) of the stator is worn and pulled, the bearing is worn or damaged, and the oil seal is damaged.


If the Orbitrol you purchased is unstable at low speed and has a crawl phenomenon, what you need to do is:

① Check whether the tooth surface of the rotor is scratched or not. The frictional force of the position where the hair is pulled is larger, and the position where the hair is not pulled is smaller, which is prone to pulsation of speed and torque, especially at low speed. imbalance.

The roughening of the rotor tooth surface is mainly due to the large contact stress of the rotor tooth surface, in addition to the dirt in the oil. For the tooth surface between the six-tooth rotor and the seven-tooth stator, the contact pressure can be up to 30MPa, and the pulsating force of the speed and torque can also exceed 2%, so the tooth surface is easy to be rough, and the low-speed performance is deviated. To solve this problem, it can be changed to an eight-tooth rotor and a nine-tooth stator, and select a smaller short-amplitude coefficient and a larger needle diameter coefficient, which can reduce the maximum contact pressure of the tooth surface to about 20MPa, and the speed of the motor will pulsate. The speed can be reduced to about 1.5%, the low-speed performance can be improved to a certain extent, and the minimum speed can be stabilized at about 5r/min.

It is worth noting that, in order to ensure low-speed stability, the minimum speed of the cycloid motor should not be less than 10r/min, otherwise the normal work cannot be completed;

②For the situation that the cylindrical pin wheel of the stator cannot be rotated during operation, the method of adjusting the thickness of the pin teeth to be slightly smaller than the thickness of the stator can be adopted.


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