Directional valve advantages


The application of directional valves is very extensive, covering machinery, engineering, construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, medicine and other fields. The reversing valve can change the relative position of the valve core and the valve body, control the direction of oil flow, realize the working state and direction of the hydraulic system change, it can be controlled by a variety of operations, can change the direction of action of the actuator, let the actuator stop or move at any position, realize the selection of the circuit path and other functions, in addition, it can also adjust the flow and flow direction of the hydraulic system to realize the automatic control of the hydraulic system.


1. The role of the directional valve

(1) Change the direction of action of the actuator, such as the forward and backward, rising and falling of the cylinder.

(2) Stop the actuator at any position or let it move.

(3) It is installed in the hydraulic control circuit to realize the selection of the circuit path.

(4) Make multiple actuators in the hydraulic system act sequentially.

(5) As a pilot valve, operate other valves.

(6) Unload the circuit.


2. Advantages of directional valve

(1) It can effectively avoid liquid leakage such as automatic control valves, and the structure of the reversing valve is relatively stable, which can effectively control the movement of the valve seat and prevent internal leakage.

(2) The structure of the directional valve itself is relatively simple, and the related components have achieved generalized and standardized production, which greatly reduces the production cost of the product, and the directional valve can also be effectively connected with the computer system, which is easy to be widely used in the mechatronics production environment.

(3) The response of the directional valve is very sensitive, can respond quickly to action in a short time, effectively improve work efficiency, at the same time, the directional valve has a compact structure and small power consumption, which can effectively reduce operating costs.

(4) The operation of the directional valve is relatively simple on the whole, easy to get started and operate.

(5) The directional valve is suitable for a variety of different hydraulic and pneumatic system control occasions, and the range of use is very wide.

(6) The reversing valve is more convenient to maintain and has a long life.


The above are the advantages of directional valves, which are widely used in many industries and become an indispensable part of these advantages.


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