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The directional valve, also known as the Chris valve, is a type of valve with a multi-directional adjustable channel that can change the fluid flow direction in time. It can be divided into manual directional valve, electromagnetic directional valve, electro-hydraulic directional valve, etc.


When working, the drive shaft is rotated by the drive transmission mechanism outside the valve, and the rocking arm is driven to start the valve plate, so that the working fluid sometimes leads from the left inlet to the lower outlet of the valve, and sometimes changes from the right inlet to the lower outlet, realizing the purpose of cyclically changing the flow direction.


Reversing valves have a wide range of applications in petroleum and chemical production, and are most commonly used in ammonia gas systems. In addition, the reversing valve can also be made into a disc structure, which is mostly used in small flow occasions. When working, it is only necessary to turn the handwheel through the valve disc to change the flow direction of the working fluid.


The directional valve has accurate operation, high degree of automation, stable and reliable work, but it needs to be equipped with a drive and cooling system, and the structure is more complex; The disc structure is simpler and is mostly used in the production process with a small flow rate.


In petroleum, chemical, mining and metallurgical industries, directional valves are an important fluid reversing equipment. The valve is installed in the piping where the oil is transported in the thin oil lubrication system. By changing the relative position of the sealing assembly in the valve body, the channels of the valve body are connected or disconnected, so as to control the reversing and starting and stopping of the fluid.


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