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Eaton is an American brand that entered the Chinese market in 1993 and established its first joint venture, mainly producing steering and hydraulic cycloid motors for agricultural and construction equipment. Since its establishment, it has maintained a good development trend in this market, and has continuously attracted customers and gained a good reputation. Elephant Fluid Power, like Eaton's business philosophy, has always insisted on serving every customer with the best products and the most positive attitude in the production of product parts.


Eaton's CDA technology plays a key role in regulating test cycles and real-world applications, helping commercial vehicle manufacturers meet or exceed emissions standards. While other technologies can be combined to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, CDA is the only technology that can reduce both emissions and is suitable for single and dual overhead cam engines, as well as cam block engines. In this study, the researchers also introduced a closely coupled modified system to replace the current production treatment system, increase the exhaust temperature under low load conditions, and quickly achieve the nitrogen oxide aftertreatment system to 250-400 degrees for maximum efficiency. Through these technologies, valve operation can be improved, engine manufacturers can maximize aftertreatment efficiency, and fuel consumption can be minimized.


Eaton Electric is a global leader in power control, power transmission and distribution, emergency power systems, and industrial automation products and services, and the Electric Group maintains its heritage by providing customer-focused solutions that meet the changing needs of industrial, utility, small business, residential and production markets. Eaton orbital motors is an important product of its portfolio.


Eaton orbital motors is good, but I prefer Hanjiu,Hanjiu orbital motors has many advantages:


Light-weight and compact


This motor does the internal organs of a unique slowdown organization and install it for a small space.


External case drain piping unnecessarily


The special high-pressure shaft seal permits high back pressure without an external case drain at almost all application.

This motor has a series of 8 kinds with J2 series to 10000 series with a large quantity of motor option and Shaft Rotation Flexibility.


Installation requirements:

1. Installation direction and distance: In order to ensure that the soft starter has good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions in use, the soft starter should be installed vertically and leave enough heat dissipation space around the equipment.

2. When the soft starter is installed in the cabinet, in addition to the above requirements, the cabinet with good ventilation must also be selected.


Hanjiu has a very rich experience in the production of orbital motors, and has always adhered to the business philosophy of quality first and customer first, which will definitely make you rest assured!


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