Friends, tell you why you choose HANJIU TECHNOLOGY for hydraulic motors


HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is an innovative manufacturing company founded by engineer Mr. Han in 2011. The company aspires to become one of the global hydraulic brands with the widest variety and depth of hydraulic products on the market. The founder, Mr. Han, has worked in the field of hydraulics and automation for more than 15 years, and has sufficient experience in research in related fields. As the so-called professional people do professional things, this is also one of the advantages of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.

Although HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is a relatively young and innovative manufacturing company, they have made significant achievements in the field of hydraulics and automation, especially recognized by some authoritative institutions at home and abroad. For example, the quality management system certification given by CFL CERTIFICATION CENTER, the export certificate of conformity (PVoC) given by KENYA BUREAU OF STANDARDS, the hydraulic motor certificate given by Microtest, etc. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has its own design department, and through independent research and development, it helps to maintain its product competitiveness and technical competitiveness, reduce the risk of enterprise survival, and extend the survival time of the enterprise. In addition, their production workshop facilities are well-equipped, with high production technology and a high degree of professional production.

 During the production process, they pay extreme attention to the details of the work, strictly follow the operating procedures, and carefully complete each production process, and for each part , Each product is carefully polished, and the pursuit of product perfection and extreme. The hydraulic motor related products provided by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY are also quite complete, including hydraulic rail motors, BMR hydraulic rail motors, BMS hydraulic rail motors, hydraulic steering devices and hydraulic directional valves. Each product has different models and different performances. You can choose the most suitable hydraulic motor model according to your needs. They also do quite well in after-sales service, and will provide you with 24-hour online technical support to solve the problems you encounter in the use of the product in a timely manner. One more thing I have to mention is that in addition to the convenient ordering of hydraulic motor related products on the company’s official website, you can also get a very detailed product introduction, how to use some products, and the development of the company. Some industry related news. This customer provided considerable convenience and ensured that the customer received fast, efficient and reliable services. For details, please click to learn more.

   In addition to possessing the professional qualities that an innovative manufacturing company must equip, I think a company’s corporate culture is also very important. A good corporate culture can promote the healthy development of the company, improve its competitiveness in the industry, and mobilize employees. The enthusiasm of improving production efficiency at the same time. Whether it is the vision, mission, development goals, or corporate values, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has always insisted on product and service innovation, and maintained high quality standards, so that it can wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality services, be an industry benchmark company, and lead the development of the industry. . A good corporate culture trains good employees. I think such a company is trustworthy by customers. If you have a demand for hydraulic motors, welcome to learn about HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.


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