HANJIU omv motor VS danfoss omv motor


Omv motor is an excellent product in the cycloid hydraulic motor series. This motor is a hydraulic motor with end-face distribution structure. This series of motors uses a column-type rotating stator, which has high working pressure, high working efficiency and high efficiency of the whole machine. Good retention and long working life. These features make it better than many other products. It can also be designed with multi-functional variants based on the standard structure according to user needs. Many customers are very fond of the omv motor. Generally speaking, this motor has the following characteristics:

1. The omv motor is designed with advanced rotor and stator parameters, and the starting pressure is low, which makes it high efficiency and good retention. In addition, as we talked about in the previous article, motors with low starting pressure tend to have longer service life , it can be used for a longer time, which is a very cost-effective thing.

2. The working pressure of the omv motor is high and the output torque is large. It adopts tapered roller bearing structure, which has strong axial and radial load bearing capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism, and the scope of use is expanded. You can use it to remove snow, mow grass, or place it on sprinklers, trenchers, wood products, or material handling equipment, as well as oil and gas forestry equipment and mining. The range of applications is really wide.

3. The omv motor adopts the advanced end face distribution structure, which makes the motor distribution precision high, and the automatic compensation function after wear is strong, which ensures high volumetric efficiency, long motor life, stable motor speed and stable load speed characteristics.

There is no doubt that this is a very good product, but the products produced by different production companies will be different. I believe that everyone must pay attention to the manufacturer of the motor when purchasing a motor, because it is related to product quality. and later use and a series of important things. In terms of company selection, the editor recommends Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. because Hanjiu Technology is professional enough. But there must be some people who wonder, if it is professional, isn't Danfoss not professional? Danforth is a world-renowned company with a guaranteed reputation. Here, the editor will compare the two omv motor products, and talk about why I recommend Hanjiu's omv motor compared to such a giant company.

Indeed, Danfoss is an authoritative businessman in motor production. They have done a very good job in this area, and many experiences are worth learning from the industry. In contrast, Danfoss has a longer-established brand, greater influence and more sophisticated products, which are undeniable facts. But Hanjiu Technology is not bad either. Hanjiu Technology has been specializing in hydraulic products for more than ten years, and has accumulated enough experience in this area. It is already the largest and best hydraulic motor company in northern China, with a good reputation. Very good, after that, the products have been sold to more than a dozen countries in the world, and good results have been achieved in these overseas markets. Many customers have become their customers for continuous cooperation, because they always adhere to the concept of "quality first, service first". Because Hanjiu Technology hopes to give the greatest profit to distributors and serve the people of the world with the best value. Apparently they did it. If you have an understanding of the market, you will find that the technology for producing omv motors is very mature now, and the motors produced by various manufacturers may be slightly different, but the difference is definitely not big, and there is no absolute barrier in production technology. So the quality can be trusted.On the basis of reliable quality, Hanjiu Technology takes advantage of its own volume to minimize product prices and strive for the best cost-effectiveness for customers. Moreover, Hanjiu Technology's products are shipped very fast, so you can get faster get the product.

On the whole, if you want to buy an omv motor, choose the products of Hanjiu Technology, Hanjiu Technology will provide you with the best cost performance and the best service.

If you want to know more about hydraulic products, please visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology https://www.hjhydraulic.com/


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