High Speed Hydraulic Motor


There are many kinds of products related to the hydraulic field, and there are many branches of hydraulic motors alone. What we are showing you today is the high speed hydraulic motor. This type of motor also has a wide range of applications, so Hanjiu Technology has launched many different types of high-speed hydraulic motors, which will not be listed here.


Omv 800 hydraulic motor high-speed high-torque hydraulic motor is one of them. It is also a very popular product. The specifications of the omv800 series are as follows. Geometric displacement (cubic centimeters/liter): 801.8, and its maximum speed (minimum- 1 [rpm]) can reach 250/300, the maximum torque (Nm [lbf-inch]) is 1880 [16640], the maximum output power (kW [horsepower]) is 42.5 [57.0], the maximum oil flow ( Liters per minute [US gal/min]) is 200 [52.8] and the maximum inlet pressure (bar [psi]) is 210 [3050]. As a high-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor, omv800 can be used in mobile equipment, snow mowers, trenchers, material handling equipment, oil and gas, forestry equipment, mining and other fields. Hanjiu's technicians have selected some very Durable raw materials are used to make them, all of them have a long service life and high efficiency, because most of the products produced by Hanjiu are produced according to the standards of international famous brands, although they are not as good as them in terms of price and popularity, but in In terms of quality, Hanjiu can almost guarantee 100% the same.


If you are using or need to purchase high-speed motors, then Hanjiu Technology must be your best choice. It is better to keep a skeptical attitude than give it a try. Hanjiu Technology can provide customers with samples. If you compare Hanjiu Technology with some old brands, Hanjiu Technology is indeed just a young manufacturer of hydraulic products, but it also means our ability to innovate stronger. The word-of-mouth of old customers will prove to us that many customers in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Northern Europe, Africa, India and other countries and regions have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with us. Each of our products has passed professional quality management certification, and we only provide customers with high-quality hydraulic motors.  



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