How to choose a suitable hydraulic motor model?


There are many types of hydraulic motors on the market. Are you still struggling with which model to choose? Today we will take a look at how to choose a suitable hydraulic motor model.

we have to clarify the basic information that no motor can be used in all fields. This is why manufacturers produce various motors. The differences in the parameters of these products cause them to be widely used. , which also requires us to reasonably choose the most suitable hydraulic motor according to our actual use needs. After clarifying your actual needs, you should also know the following information:

First of all, there are three types of pressure levels for the same basic type of hydraulic motor. The rated pressures are 10, 16, and 20MPa, and the peak pressures are 16, 25, and 31.5MPa. How to reasonably choose a model that is more suitable for the working conditions of the main engine? First of all, we should consider improving the transmission efficiency. For the working conditions of low transmission efficiency, low speed and high torque, the main factor affecting the total transmission efficiency is the volumetric efficiency. For hydraulic devices with the same transmission power, reducing the system work force can significantly improve Volumetric efficiency, so the rated pressure of 10MPa should be selected at this time, and the actual working pressure should be selected lower. When the transmission power is smaller and the speed is lower, the lower the working pressure is, the more favorable it is. On the contrary, for the working conditions with large transmission power and high speed, the main factor affecting the overall efficiency of the transmission is the mechanical efficiency, so the model with a rated pressure of 16 or 20MPa should be selected at this time. Secondly, for the working conditions with low-speed stability requirements, it should be noted that the larger the hydraulic motor displacement, the better the low-speed stability. It is also related to the working pressure. The lower the working pressure, the better the low-speed stability.

Secondly, how to choose a reasonable model for several different basic types of hydraulic motors with the same displacement? This is related to the operating conditions and service life requirements. For short-term clearance operation, the accumulated working time during the entire overhaul period is short. , you can choose a model with a smaller base type number, and for machinery with a long cumulative operating time per day and a long service life, you should choose a model with a larger base type number as much as possible, and a high-pressure model if necessary, but in When used under lower pressure conditions, the service life can be significantly improved at this time, because the service life of the QJM hydraulic motor is inversely proportional to the 33rd power of the operating pressure, that is, the operating pressure is reduced by half, and the service life can be increased ten times.

Let us take the omt 500 hydraulic motor as an example. The omt 500 hydraulic motor is an excellent product among the hydraulic motors produced by Hanjiu. Excellent side load capacity with high axial and radial forces, and it has low starting pressure and smooth operation for smooth, ultra-low speed operation. If you want to buy a hydraulic motor that runs smoothly at low speed, this product is perfect. In addition, the lower operating pressure makes the omt 500 hydraulic motor last longer, and the pressure has a non-negligible effect on the service life of the motor, not to mention the solid structure of this motor, you can buy it with confidence.

Conversely, if you don't have high requirements for smooth operation at low speeds, then look at other OMT BMT cycloid motors. As a company specializing in the manufacture and development of hydraulic products, Hanjiu Technology has the most complete hydraulic product models, and the quality of these products can be guaranteed, because Hanjiu Technology's goal is to serve the world with the best product experience. If you want to know more detailed hydraulic motor model selection information, please visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology, where you can find the products you want and the professional information you need first.


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